Bruins add Nick Holden from Rangers… Is that it?
Nick Holden

The Bruins went and traded for New York Rangers’ defenseman, Nick Holden. The B’s are sending over defenseman Rob O’Gara and a third-round pick.

I’m obviously not that crazy about this move, and you shouldn’t be either. Holden does add some contributing depth on the blue line but he’s not a guy that you freak out over trading for.

You know… Like Rick Nash or Ryan McDonough who play for those same New York Rangers.

Holden is a rental player, he’s going to be an unrestricted free agent come this off-season. This isn’t really the kind of rental I expected.

That’s why I’m just wondering if this is really it…?

Does this move automatically take the Bruins out of the running for those other pieces? It just seems like if the Bruins and Rangers were ready to make a big move with one another then they wouldn’t be making these small-chip bets.

I could be totally wrong, and I hope I am. Maybe this is just a setup for what’s to come but either way I still want the Bruins to be big buyers at the deadline. I want the Cup badly and the Bruins can win one.

You ever play a game of cards and lose a gigantic hand? You had Ace/King suited pre-flop and somebody pushes all-in because “They’re just trying to have a good time” — You call and they turn over 5/6 and somehow find a way to beat you with two pair and you’ve lost three-quarters of your chip stack.

You now spend the next hands desperately trying to get it all back because you’re so upset about it and you forgot to check your goddamn emotions at the door.

I’d like to connect that to the Super Bowl and the Stanley Cup…

BUY BUY BUY. We want the Cup.


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