Bruins blow 4-1 lead, lose to Sabres in overtime.


That was me last night, audibly laughing at my TV screen watching the Bruins collectively shit their pants with a 3 goal lead. I think I was laughing just to keep myself from punching a hole in my basement wall. The worst part is that the Bruins looked great throughout the night… They didn’t accidentally stumble onto a 4-1 lead. The puck was flying around the ice, the offense had an actual flow to it and for the second straight outing, Anton Khudobin was making enough saves.

The Bruins ultimately lost 5-4 in overtime, and we’ll get to that… but I need this post to have some sort of positivity and that comes in the form David Pastrnak. ALL OF THE PASTA. Again, signing this kid to his 6 year 40 million dollar extension is probably the best thing Don Sweeney has done since becoming GM of the Bruins. Keeping him around was the most important thing to any Bruins fans who like actual goals.

Pastrnak had two goals last night and here is the thing that Bruins fans love him for. Obviously anyone loves a guy who can dazzle and take the puck the length of the ice, deke a guy out of his damn girdle and net a filthy guy high glove side. The bigger thing to me though? The kid isn’t afraid to get his nose dirty. As seen below.

Crashing the net! I live for that shit. Just get in the goalie’s grill and start hacking at wherever you think the puck is. It’s something that a lot of flashy players have trouble doing getting right to the front of the net, but not Pastrnak.

That’s it for positivity! THIS TEAM IS BECOMING THE MOST FRUSTRATING THING IN BOSTON SPORTS. The Bruins didn’t have to worry about that title! THE PATRIOTS DEFENSE HAD THAT LOCKED UP. But this is becoming ridiculous. This team is an enigma.

Every goal the Sabres scored just looked like they were flat out trying harder. The Bruins looked like the team that was down in the third and mailed it in. The Bruins were just out-hustled. They had their chances in overtime because 3-on-3 overtime in hockey is one of the greatest inventions in the history of sports, but Ryan O-Reilly beat Khudobin and we’re all mad at the Bruins again.

Thankfully, the Bruins have 4 days off until they take on San Jose at home next Thursday. Hopefully, they can figure some of this shit out, but at some point, the Bruins just need to accept that the young guys are going to be prone to frustrating letdowns like this.

We can’t even blame Rask for this one… shit.


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