Bruins Can’t Overcome a Dreadful First Period and Lose 4-2

If you watched, I would hope you’d agree, that the B’s certainly did not quit in this game. I saw a lot of grit from the kids out there last night and honestly shut my laptop encouraged for their next games this weekend against Toronto.  I’m a millennial, so naturally, here come the excuses!  This team is decimated with injuries. David Backes, we’ve learned had successful surgery to remove a piece of his colon, and its expected to take him 8 weeks to recover fully. Brad Marchand is sidelined from an upper-body injury and nobody has any clue how long he will be out. David Krejci is out with back issues and we all know Krejci loves to stay on the injury list as long as he possibly can. Adam Mcquaid broke his damn fibula. He’s out at least 8 weeks. Ryan Spooner is still recovering from tearing his groin. Khudobin is hurt and Bergeron although he scored last night still doesn’t look 100% to me. This team is the Walking Dead on ice. This is why we had to have a Meet and Greet yesterday!

However, even with all those “excuses” we still almost came back from a two-goal deficit in Madison Square Garden. That has me feeling quite excited.

The first period was where the game was lost. This is where I will be getting all my negative wrath out so just bare with me.  The Rangers came out on all cylinders and outshot the Bruins 16-7 and had a 3-1 lead going into the 1st intermission. The goals allowed were easily preventable. Starting with this one.

After watching that a few times I’ve convinced myself Tuukka should make that save. The 4th line and Chara did not help ONE bit, but Rask should take away the near post there.

The next two goals that he let up were GARBAGE.  I need him to get out of this funk he is in because if Khudobin wasn’t injured I’m not positive Tuukka starts last night, and that’s a problem going forward.  That third goal he allowed really irked me because he just stops, and has NO FREAKING IDEA where the puck is. Don’t you think you should probably try getting back into position instead of coming to a dead stop and looking behind you? The Bruins have lost 7 out of the 10 games Tuukka has started and he has a dreadful .903 save percentage. WAKE UP, MAN!  Oh want to here something funny – yeah these “next two goals” I’ve been talking about- yeah, they were scored in 29 seconds… the same kid.

Shoutout to North Reading native and Harvard alumn Jimmy Vesey. I still do not understand how you grow up in Massachusetts your whole life and decide to play for the New York Rangers instead of the Boston Bruins  (He literally had the choice as a free agent) but hey I didn’t go to Harvard for a reason.

I’m not letting Brandon Carlo escape my wrath either. He had a DREADFUL game. Not only should he have cleared the puck on one of the goals, but I lost count how many times he messed up a sequence in the offensive zone. Too many times, when passed the puck, it would pop off his stick funny and slow down the pressure. He also looked like a lost puppy on defense all night.  He will bounce back because I’ve seen what he can do, I hope he forgets about last night quickly.

Alright, we need a break from the negativity.



YUMMY.  David Pastranak with the highlight of the night for the B’s.

So after all that it was still only the end of the first period! Honestly, the Bruins outplayed the Rangers for the rest of the game. They outshot the Rangers 26-17 and dare I say looked the more dangerous and creative team.  If they can stop having these extremely slow starts to games we will be in business. Last night “The King” Henrik Lundqvist was on the top of his game. There was no chance the Bruins were coming back from a two-goal deficit when he’s making stops like this:

Henrik finished with 31 saves and continues his dominance as one of the best goalies in the league.

Bruins next two games are a home and home series against the Toronto Maple Leafs. It’s early, but these are two big time games for the Bruins to try to catch up to the Leafs in the Atlantic Division. I’m confident Butch Cassidy will have them locked and loaded after last night’s loss. I can’t find video of it but boy oh boy was he BARKING at his players on the bench last night. WHIP EM INTO SHAPE BUTCH!








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