Bruins look to get their shit together against Vancouver tonight.

Remember the first night of the Bruins’ season? No? Ah, well allow me to give a short recap of a brighter time. The young kids were showcasing their speed and skill, goals were being scored, and Rask decided to throw up on himself just late enough into the game for the Bruins to hang on for the win.

Since then? Holy shit has it been rough. Bruins lost two straight to the reigning worst team in hockey Colorado Avalanche. Then there was a 6-2 win over a God-awful Phoenix Coyotes team so I don’t put much positivity into that… AND THEN OH SWEET JESUS AND THEN then Bruins decide to go to Las Vegas to play the expansion Golden Knights and LOSE 3-1 TO MALCOLM FREAKING SUBBAN. Words cannot describe how much of a kick in the penis that loss was to Bruins fans. Malcolm Subban (Former first-round pick of the Bruins) was one of the biggest flops in NHL draft history. Subban spent four years in the Bruins organization and just could not put it together.

You could’ve shot the puck with a billiards stick and you still would have had a 75% chance of scoring on Malcolm Subban. He has one of the worst glove hands I have ever seen to the point where you might be nervous to high five the guy because you aren’t too sure it’ll connect. AND THE BRUINS SCORED ONE GOAL ON HIM.

Alright, I’m okay. Deep breath. The past is the past and the Bruins take on the Canucks tonight at the Garden.

With such a young nucleus of players and not having Patrice Bergeron or David Backes in the lineup to start the season, it’s not surprising that the Bruins are off to a rocky start. This is all too early to say that the Bruins are going to be bad this season.

Bergeron has not been ruled out of tonight’s game but I don’t expect him to go. According to coach Bruce Cassidy, Backes and Adam McQuaid are closer to being ready to go than Bergeron so fans are hoping for that sort of veteran presence tonight. The status of Tuukka Rask is according to multiple reports he will not go tonight after being evaluated for a concussion this morning.

Either way, the Bruins are experiencing the necessary growing pains that come with having so many young guns in the everyday line up… I get it. Still, eventually, the Bruins are going to have to have those young guys step up since all of their veterans are falling apart at the seams. Let’s hope it starts with a win tonight.



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