Bruins six-piece nugget the Vancouver Canucks, Bergeron returns and hockey is fun again.

Early season hockey is just like early season basketball… or early season football, or really early season anything. The beginning of every sport’s season is the same in the sense that everyone overreacts to everything. Seriously, every team that loses their first couple games of the season mixed in with poor performances on both ends of the ice had been pronounced dead by a group of old-timers who sincerely say the phrase “Back in my day” – As if today isn’t also “your day” … I HATE that phrase.

This was no more apparent than the start of the Bruins season. Coming off their most recent ugly loss to MALCOLM FREAKING SUBBAN and the Golden Knights of Vegas, many people were quick to call it a lost hockey season.

I’m not saying I was optimistic from the way this season started, but even I wasn’t ready to bury the Bruins and last night was the biggest reason why.


The Bruins just looked comfortable last night, and a lot of it has to do with Patrice Bergeron making his season debut along with David Backes. Adam McQuaid returned to the lineup as well. With a Bruins team full of young talent that is trying to find their footing in the kind of pace the NHL it was nice to see Jesus Christ  Patrice Bergeron slowing the game down and being what he is; the best two-way player in hockey.

Patrice Bergeron – 1 goal, 3 assists
Anders Bjork – 2 goals, 1 assist
Brad Marchand – 1 goal, 2 assists
Anton Khudobin – 26 saves

David Krejci also chipped in a goal which was a nice sight to see. Although he did leave the game early with back spasms and did not return.

But the play of the night… Oh sweet Lord the “Holy shit” play of the night belonged to David Pastrnak on what is already a candidate for goal of the year.

Filthy, just filthy. That is some good pasta right there. To be able to just take the puck from behind your own net and that smoothly glide right down Boylston with minor traffic and pot one is just gross. At one point I had to assume Pastrnak thought “This is delightful, very little traffic on this commute to Goal City.” God, I love this kid.

Thankfully, the Bruins kept their fanbase from jumping off a bridge with last night’s performance. Anders Bjork can PLAY and his two first period goals were just perfect demonstrations of the young guys starting to find themselves in the right places.

For now, we can un-cancel the hockey season… It’s one win and the Bruins need to establish consistency but with Bergeron and Backes back in the fold, things look brighter.


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