Game 1 Notes: The Boston Bruins are a HOOT
Apr 12, 2018; Boston, MA, USA; Boston Bruins left wing Brad Marchand (63) reacts after scoring a goal during the first period in game one of the first round of the 2018 Stanley Cup Playoffs against the Toronto Maple Leafs at TD Garden. Mandatory Credit: Bob DeChiara-USA TODAY Sports


This fucking team, folks. I spent all day at work yesterday being nervous about Game 1. The Bruins didn’t necessarily steamroll their way into the playoffs the last two-three games.

I kept thinking about 2013 as if that series had any impact on the one that’s going on now because I’m irrational. Most of all I spent the day worrying about this guy…

Auston Matthews is one bad Mamma-Jamma. I was worried about him on the power play for a lot of the day. Then I guess he decided not to play last night?

He did play? Really? Could have fooled me.

Game 1 was a riot inside the Garden. TD Garden is without a doubt one of the best playoff atmospheres in all of professional sports and I truly believe people don’t give it the credit because it’s constantly being stacked up against “The Old Boston Garden”

Last night you could hear the roars of the crowd through your TV as if you were there in person. It’s Spring Christmas, playoff season, and the Bruins came in to ruin the Leafs.

No Better Than This

The Bruins couldn’t have started this game better. They came out ready to roll and the Leafs looked like me when served a salad as an entree. Confused, apprehensive to waste a meal on a salad, but ultimately obligated and I dive in unprepared for the taste of shitty raspberry vinegarette.

The Leafs wasted a meal on a salad last night. Plain and simple. This is a team that won the season series (albeit very close games) and has proven to be able to play with this Bruins team. Instead, they got a dose of this to begin the night.

You let Brad Marchand open the goal scoring this playoff run? You allowed him to put spikes on his back so the media monkey can’t climb aboard about his inability to score goals on good chances in the playoffs minus 2011?

Oh, buddy. You messed up.

Gas Pedal

The Leafs responded (eventually) just like they were supposed to. Chara made the wrong call to pinch up along the boards and Hyman streaked up the ice to put one past Rask.

When I saw this one I really thought McAvoy was going to knock that puck loose on the poke check and you can’t blame Rask for that one in my opinion. Good goal.

That would be the last we’d hear from the Leafs with respect to goal scoring.

The boys in black & gold though? LOL. Look out.


If you’re looking to murder a hockey team? Save this entire game film. The Bruins started the 2nd period flat and the Leafs were pelting shots on Rask at will (5-0) at one point. Then as you can see above… They woke the hell up.

This is how you tilt the ice back in your favor and step on the gas pedal. Just keep grinding teams down and getting quality scoring chances. The Leafs looked COOKED midway through the second. When the goal to go up 3-1 came at the end of the period, you knew the rout was on.

Chemistry Class

I would just like to take this brief moment to encourage you all to find you someone that you have chemistry with like Brad Marchand & Patrice Bergeron. Seriously at times, I feel like they have telepathic abilities and always know where the other is going to be.

It’s a beautiful thing to watch. I hope you all achieve that kind of chemistry some day. Maybe I will too with something other than Fortnite, sports, and garlic parmesan wings.

Put ‘Em To Sleep

I legitimately laughed out loud at this goal in my apartment. Andersen just fully screwed and has to watch Sean Kuraly do his best Bobby Orr impression while bunting a goal in from the skybox.

The Bruins added one more when Krejci literally threw the puck towards the net for fun and it somehow found its way in. That’s how you have a good time.

How To Get Away With Murder

Let’s talk about Nasim Kadri… Big ol’ piece of garbage douchebag Nasim Kadri.

Your team is down 3 goals and you decide to pull that garbage out of your ass dude? Get all the way out of here. Seriously the only Bruins player who didn’t have fun last night was Wingels. He got his bell rung 3 different times… This one is the worst.

I am still shocked that Nasim Kadri is alive. I would have bet that Chara waited for him after the game to go “have a chat” and then his body ends up in Allston.

Jokes aside, this is garbage. Kadri deserves at least two games for this. It’s the playoffs so I only suspect he’ll get one, but he might not want to come back to the ice knowing the Bruins are going to tag him every chance they get.

Tuukka Rask Is Good

To quote the Barstool Boys again aside from the headline… TUUKKA RASK IS GOOD.

Rask played an incredible game and looked poised the entire night. The one goal he gave up I don’t put too much on him considering the breakaway.

The poise and demeanor are what stuck out. He never looked shaken and put in a masterful effort not letting the Leafs climb back into the game.


Saturday Night Live

It’s just one game. I remember in 2013 when the Bruins took Game 1 and we thought it was going to be a cake walk. I also remember being at Game 1 of the Red Wings series in 2014 where the Bruins lost and then won that series in 5.

Playoff hockey is a one game at a time kind of beast. This is one of the best playoff tournaments in sports, and the Bruins will stay locked in. I just finally expect the Leafs to show up Saturday night for a hard fought game.

I’ve been wrong before though, and I don’t mind being wrong again.


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