I Need Rick Nash In A Bruins Uniform
Rick Nash

As the NHL trade deadline approaches, big names are popping up all over the hockey world. The one name I’m most enamored with? Rick Nash of the New York Rangers.

I need a healthy dose of Nashty in my life.

Is Rick Nash the 42 goal scorer he was in the 2014-2015 season when he lit the league on fire? Nope, not right now he’s not.

Still, Nash still has gas in the tank and he fits a need for the Bruins. He’s a left shot winger that can put the puck in the net.

Buyers Not Sellers

The Bruins are in an interesting spot. It’s still surprising to most of us that the team is in a position to be a buyer at the deadline instead of a seller.

Early on in this season many of us felt that the Bruins would be on track for another sub-par season. Many felt this would lead the Bruins to blow up the core at the deadline and start the rebuilding process early.

How’s that working out now? The Bruins are one of the best teams in hockey this season and that’s why the NHL has the most fun.

Everyone can be set on something and then a team just catches fire. That’s why the Bruins need to be buyers at the deadline.

Now that the Bruins have shown they can compete and consistently win, they need to add some depth for the upcoming playoff run. In hockey, if you have a legitimate Stanley Cup contender you have to address the needs at the deadline.

I’m so happy they’re in this spot to begin with.

What’s The Damage?

The Bruins have the assets to be able to get this deal done. I just worry about what the price will be.

I envision the Rangers asking for young players who are currently contributing for the Bruins on a nightly basis. I see them asking for players like Brandon Carlo or Jake DeBrusk. I don’t want that.

Call me selfish, but I don’t want to mess with this team’s contributing pieces while they are on fire. I know it’s a TRADE so something has to give.

Still, I would much rather the Bruins fork over young Providence prospects and maybe a pick if the Rangers would bite. I just really want Rick Nash playing on the second line come playoff time.

The icing on top is taking from the Rangers. My God that franchise is a mess. I have too many friends that are Rangers diehards. This will be fun to talk about while they watch Henrik rot between the pipes until the end of his career.



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