Terry Rozier Goes Bonkers In First Career Start
Terry Rozier

Terry Rozier doesn’t get nervous. At least he never looks like he is.

Last night the Celtics took on the Knicks without the services of Kyrie Irving, Marcus Smart, and Shane Larkin. This paved the way for Brad Stevens to thrust Terry Rozier into the starting lineup for the first time in his career on National TV.

For some players, that’s too much of a moment. Some players will try and do too much.

Terry Rozier is not one of those players, and it showed last night.

Bump This Stat Line

17 points
11 rebounds
10 assists
+32 player rating


Smooth Operator

Rozier looked comfortable the entire night. Terry knew he belonged there. He didn’t operate as some sort of stop-gap game manager.

He truly believes he is a starter in this league. With a performance like that, it’s kind of hard to argue. He seemed to always be making the right play and not once did it look like he was forcing anything on the floor.

Pumping Brakes

Now, with all of that said… I’m not going to be a person who overreacts to Terry Rozier’s performance in his first career start. I understand that it’s natural to do, but he definitely has the issue of consistency and it’s shown all season.

Still, it’s so hard not to get excited over what happened last night. I think games like the one Terry put up last night go a long way with player confidence AND overcoming consistency issues.

He’s now had that taste of the starting spot, and Rozier is one of the most competitive guys on the team. He’ll use this to keep getting better and Danny Ainge is a genius.

Speaking of Genius Danny

Remember last year when people were upset that Danny Ainge wouldn’t trade Terry Rozier for Serge Ibaka last year at the deadline?

No? You don’t remember? Well, that actually happened. Now all of those people look like morons.

Danny Ainge knew what he was getting when he scouted Terry Rozier and it’s paying off. If the Celtics are going to make a deep playoff run this year, Rozier is going to have to be a key piece of this offense especially when Kyrie goes to the bench. Danny knows what he’s doing, and thank God for that.

The Actual Game

The Celtics BLEW THE DOORS off the Knicks. They won by 30 and it really wasn’t much of a contest from Jump Street.

I expected more from the Knicks, but I guess they weren’t really up for it. I thought Michael Beasley would dance all over the C’s last night without Smart… but he didn’t feel like playing.

C’s left zero doubt, and my honest observation is that Kristaps Porzingis looks EXHAUSTED. Seriously, the dude looks like he’s going to collapse any minute. The Knicks should probably figure that out.

Other notes include Marcus Morris taking a nasty fall on a dunk and really didn’t break his fall in any way shape or form. I really don’t expect Morris to play until after the All-Star break it looked that bad… but I hope I’m wrong.

All in all, Terry Rozier put on a show in his first start. That’s the takeaway and it was fun to watch this dude take advantage of the opportunity on PrimeTime Television. That’s really what it’s all about.




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