I was so amped for last night’s matchup. It really didn’t matter to me that Kawhi Leonard and Tony Parker were out. Greg Popovich is still himself and that Spurs team is still decent even without those two in the lineup. BUT BUT BUT!!! The Celtics did what they were supposed to do against a depleted team. They blew the goddamn doors off of them and it was ridiculously fun to watch.

Do you want to see this year’s Celtics summed up in one video? No? You don’t? WELL, YOU SUCK AND YOU’RE GOING TO SEE IT ANYWAY.

Seriously I stood up and applauded this sequence. Full on raging shamrock in the shorts after seeing this. This is the kind of unselfish Brad Stevens designed basketball that this team was made for. Kyrie kept the ball moving constantly last night and that paid dividends all game long.

Speaking of Kyrie… HELLO! I personally thought last night was Kyrie’s best performance of the season. Comfortable doesn’t even begin to describe how he must’ve felt on the parquet last night. I liken it to when I wear my good jeans and a solid quarter-zip that makes me look thinner than I actually am AND then I run into someone I know and they say “You look good.” — That’s the level of comfy and “feeling myself” Kyrie felt.

24 points, 6 assists, 3 steals, 2 rebounds, and 1 block.
10-16 shooting and 3-7 from three

I’ll have what he’s having.

Just a sidebar not related to the game, but this was a cool moment in Greg Popovich’s pregame presser about Brad.

Such a high level of respect there that’s actually sincere and not just the usual filler crap. Pop is one of the best basketball coaches of all time, and for him to think this highly of Brad is just awesome to see.

There were a number of strong performances last night. Most notably coming from Al Horford and Jaylen Brown. Let’s start with Al.

I truly think that Kyrie and Horford are becoming one of the best duos in the NBA. They are so comfortable with each other so early in the season and always seem to know where the other wants to be and is going to set up.

This is awesome stuff. Aggressive Al Horford is the best Al Horford. He finished with 14 points, 13 rebounds, 5 assists, and 2 steals. That’s a monster stat line right there, and Al is the glue that really holds this whole team together.


Jaylen Brown shook off the last two games where he was slumping and returned back to Super Fun Jaylen form. 18 points on 6-11 shooting and he was BULLYING Danny Green. It was a nice mix of jumpers, fast break drives, and just absolute emasculation on the low block.

Seriously, imagine all this happening with a healthy Gordon Hayward… I try not to think about it much but I can’t help it sometimes. It’s going to be so much fun.

This game was pretty much a blow out once the end of the third quarter came around. The fourth was chalk from there, and the Celtics put together a full 48 minutes of excellent basketball.

You know what stat I’m going to bring up again? You know… the stat that the Celtics won in AGAIN? It rhymes with keep pounding.

REBOUNDING BABY! GLASS CLEANERS! The Celtics out-rebounded the Spurs 54-40. Having a +14 advantage on the boards is just amazing. The Celtics have long needed that aspect to their gameplan and they have it. All thanks to your friendly Game of Thrones extra ARON BAYNES.

Last night was the start of a measuring stick week for the Celtics and they aced round 1. They have the Kings on Wednesday, the Thunder on Friday, and the Magic on Sunday. One game at a time, but this team is one hell of a watch… I love this team.




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