Al Horford’s Buzzer Beater Was Yesterday’s Highlight
Boston Celtics

While we are all still trying to work through today. Al Horford did provide some positivity before last night’s Super Bowl.

Big Al

Al Horford drilled that game winner yesterday in yet another win for the Celtics who trailed by double-digits at halftime.

Horford had himself a day. He finished with 22 points, 10 rebounds, and 5 assists. It was Al’s first ever 20, 10, and 5 game in a Celtics uniform and he was dominant the entire game.

Al is the model of consistency for this team, he’s never too high and never too low. He always keeps his composure and every night he goes out there ready to do whatever it takes to win.

This win is one thing… but really it’s about the Celtics as a whole.

They Just Keep Winning

Just keep swimming, just keep swimming.

Everyone on the team is hurt right now. Yesterday there was no Kyrie, Smart, Larkin, and Morris. This was the second straight game of that and the Celtics really don’t seem to be shaken up by it.

To me, this is what makes the Boston Celtics so freaking likable and easy to root for. This team doesn’t care if they have to put a G-League roster on the floor against actual NBA talent… They still play harder than you and their most likely going to beat you.

The job that Brad Stevens has done with his system and this team is still unbelievable. There are so many nights where the Celtics fall behind by 15+ points and you just think it’s a wrap and the Celtics don’t even blink.

This team refuses to concede any game they play in no matter the circumstances, and that’s something we can all get behind.


The Celtics are going to be the focus of Boston sports now. The Bruins are on fire, but ratings are ratings and the Celtics will start to take the reigns. If you haven’t been on the train so far this season, you better start studying up.

This team is so freaking fun that you’ll fall in love with them instantly.

This team has something special. Even without Gordon Hayward, this team has the ability to compete at the highest level. With Cleveland being an absolute dumpster fire, the Celtics have a legit shot to win the East.

Yes, today is hard and we’re all looking for things to latch onto in order to get over the loss last night… These guys are a sure thing that will help you immensely.


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