Bartender?!?! One Celtics signature win, ​please!

“LET’S GO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”

You want to know how many times I yelled that last night with both a negative and positive tone of voice? The over/under for guesses is around 200 and I am HAMMERING the over.

Seriously, how fun was that? Not the first half obviously. First-half looked like Kramer doing a stand-up comedy set WELL AFTER everyone found out he was racist and couldn’t really look at him the same. The Celtics were hot garbage.

13-42 from the floor in the first half… 13 made shots in one half… 31% shooting… WOOF.

The Celtics played too much hero ball and there was no flow to the offense whatsoever. Kyrie was forcing it. Jaylen was missing layups and free throws. There really wasn’t one thing good about the first half except for Jayson Tatum. Tatum kept the Celtics from getting the doors blown off them with a 13 point first-half.

The thing that bugged me the most truthfully… was that this was happening on National TV. I obviously watched the NBC Sports Boston call because I’m a ride or die Mike Gorman kind of fan and you should be too. Still, the game WAS on ESPN and basketball country had their eyes on the streaking Celtics. Getting chirped at all first half when the Celtics play like shit is not fun. Especially when you can’t really argue how bad they looked. When you’re seeing stuff like this…

All I could do was just trust that the Celtics weren’t going to quit. Boom, got ’em.

The funny thing about the first-half was not that the Celtics were playing horrible defense. The Thunder have a very talented team and they’re going to score, it’s just that the Celtics couldn’t hit themselves in their own faces if they wanted to. It was this frustrating mix of settling for jumpers, missing layups, and bricking free throws.

The second-half is where the world’s balance started to restore itself, and whatever Brad Stevens said to the team in the locker room… It sure as shit worked wonders.

The C’s spent the whole third quarter just chipping away at the Thunder lead. They didn’t try and get it all back in a hurry. The trust in Brad’s system returned and the Celtics were getting the necessary stops to keep cutting the deficit down.

The looks were getting easier, the floor was spaced. Jaylen… Anything to add?

My goodness.

The Celtics outscored OKC 30-16 in the third quarter and trailed by 4 going into the final frame. The Thunder shot just 6-22 that quarter… Celtics defense, baby.

The fourth quarter is the reason why I love basketball so much. You want to see athletes who just know something they want is there for the taking and they stop at nothing until it’s theirs? That’s what this fourth quarter was to Kyrie Irving and Al Horford. They stole the show in the fourth.

Starting with Al… I said this last night when I live-tweeted the game. If anyone argues that Al Horford hasn’t been worth the money, they need to be banished to the pit of misery. DILLY DILLY! Look at this RIDICULOUS stat line

20 points, 8 rebounds, 4 assists, +10 rating
8-10 shooting & 4-4 from three

Al Horford is good at everything, exceptional at a few things, and honestly bad at nothing. He has everything you want to see in a stretch 4/5. People hate on Al and call him average because he doesn’t score 30 points and pull down 15 boards a game… but he was never meant to do that. He’s a proven leader, a calming presence, and a consistently great professional. Last night was just incredible to watch. He and Kyrie have Bromance level chemistry right now and sign me up for that movie.

Speaking of the Flat Earth God.

Kyrie had shot just 1-10 in the first half and had only three points… Kyrie scored 22 of his 25 points in the second half. Bouncing back doesn’t begin to describe it… Untucked Kyrie was making us all question if the Earth was indeed flat with how he played.

Floater city. Population: Kyrie….. Then the play of the night

Are you kidding me? Come on, man. Between this sequence and then Kyrie closing the game out on his driving layup past Steven Adams… It’s FLAT EARTH SZN FOLKS GET WITH THE PROGRAM.

The Celtics win 101-94 after being down 18 at one point. This happened ON THE ROAD against a team that has arguably three Hall of Famer’s in their starting lineup.

Westbrook, George, and Anthony
19-57 from the floor & 7-22 from three
Celtics Defense

Last night was bonkers. It was a roller coaster that I’ll ride over and over again. During this win streak, everyone had been looking for an excuse. People said the Celtics hadn’t played anyone that good, or that they caught opponents like the Spurs on a back-to-back. Last night was the game where those people expected the Celtics to fold and prove the point that they are just lucky to be streaking.

How’s that working out for you? 7 in a row and the Celtics look to keep it going Sunday vs Orlando. Don’t ever doubt this team if they get down big because last night’s comeback effort wasn’t an anomaly… It’s the Celtics’ identity. They don’t quit.




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  1. Yes the earth is 100 percent flat the truth will come out. Fact. Nasa has zero real photo from space. Just images. They know the world is waking up

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