The Cavs Are Dealing. We Have To Re-Focus Again.

Remember when I said Celtics fans needed to shift focus to Toronto, and no longer the Cavs?

I was… how do we put it… WRONG. The most wrong. Super duper wrong. All of the wrong.

The Cavs are just blowing up their entire team and assembling a new one right before our eyes. As of yesterday, they STUNK and we were all loving it.

Things Have Changed…

The news starts with the Isaiah Thomas trade to the Lakers where the Cavs will receive Jordan Clarkson and Larry Nance Jr.

I thought it was over… and as I am typing this it’s clear that IT IS NOT OVER.

The Cavs then acquire George Hill and Rodney hood in a three-team deal with Utah and Sacramento. Jae Crowder and Derrick Rose are out. The Cavs add four solid players who will be able to contribute with both of these moves above.

Surely, it’s over now… Right?


Woj drops another bomb saying that the Cavs are now trading Dwyane Wade back to the Miami Heat. The NBA is now the Wild West and I’m going to have another heart attack.

Seriously, LeBron just puts on his GM hat and turns off the fair trade sliders in NBA 2K. He’s going to work right now and it’s infuriating.

I’m just finding out as I type that the Heat are giving the Cavs a heavily protected second-round pick for Wade. So essentially this isn’t a move that betters the Cavs. It’s just a move that brings Wade back home to Miami to finish his career.

Still… Focus

Video game players can’t envision this kind of general managing that the Cavs are doing right now.

The Celtics have just been put back on notice by the reigning Eastern Conference champions. Cleveland is no longer screwing around and they probably grew tired of everyone laughing at them.

It’s an entirely new team that need to gel together and figure out the issues that remain. So there’s that…

It’s no longer Toronto and Boston… The Cavs are still going to be there. I still don’t think the Celtics need to be making gigantic moves at the deadline to compete.

It would be nice to still add some bench scoring though… Since the Cavs are going to be an offensive force again that might fix their defensive issues.

The NBA Trade Deadline ends at 3:00 PM…



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