Celtics beat The Process in Philly, notch first win of the season.

If you didn’t catch the game last night, I’m honestly not mad at you. I will admit it was an NBA officiating CLINIC last night and boy was it not that most fun thing I’ve ever watched. Holy shit balls. There were so many whistles last night I decided to keep a tally and at one point there was a whistle on 8 straight possessions. That’s what the fans get up for, you know? WHISTLES BABY!

Outside of the whistles, last night in Philly was just sloppy. The Celtics at one point just decided to let JJ Redick run and shoot from wherever the hell he wanted. NOT GOOD.

That was one of four threes, JJ Redick hit (he finished 4-7). I know Jaylen Brown contests the shot but that clip right there is Duke JJ Redick just dribbling and pulling up from the parking lot. The Celtics looked like they had the past couple of games, stagnant at times and missing makable shots. Without Marcus Smart in the lineup, sticking a guy like Redick becomes that much tougher.

C’s went into the half down 4 after Philly ended the first half on a 7-0 run.

Second half was a totally different story. The Celtics finally decided to wake up. The offense started to settle into a rhythm and the biggest story of the night was the bench production from Terry Rozier and John Stockton Shane Larkin. Rozier just looked like that dude all night, comfortable and smooth AF whenever he touched the ball. Shane Larking ran high pick and roll with Al Horford throughout the second half and it was a thing of beauty. Both Rozier and Larkin combine for 10-16 from the floor for 24 points.

Kyrie boogied down the stretch and Al Horford was more assertive taking 16 shots last night. Good for you, Al, do your dance. The Celtics kept their composure down the stretch, took smart shots, and played the necessary defense to hang on and win 102-92.

What surprised me most about last night? Joel Embiid and Markelle Fultz played like absolute hot garbage while Jayson Tatum looked like a seasoned veteran. Tatum had 15 points and 8 rebounds. Meanwhile, Embiid and Fultz combined to shoot 6-25 from the floor… Yikes. Embiid kept jacking up threes (0-6) and Fultz just looked flat out uncomfortable. I know Fultz has the injury he’s dealing with that limited his pre-season action but still, his shooting motion makes Lonzo Ball look like Klay Thompson right now.

Regardless, the Sixers are going to be nice in the not so distant future so those matchups will be fun to watch when players are firing on all cylinders. For now? The Celtics are 1-3 and we’ve got a SMILING KYRIE SIGHTING BABY!


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