Celtics Fans, We Must Focus On Toronto
Celtics Raptors

I know that the Josh McDaniels news really took over last night. While that broke the Celtics were busy getting the doors blown off of them in Toronto.

I’ll save you an excruciating recap, it was really bad.

The Celtics are one of the best teams in the Eastern Conference. Last night doesn’t change my thinking on that. It was the first game back for Kyrie Irving and Marcus Morris after missing the past few contests. The team just fell flat on their faces, and they didn’t show up.

Toronto on the other hand? They played one of the best basketball games I’ve ever seen from them. The Raptors couldn’t do anything wrong last night and once I got over the Celtics being blown out, it was marvelous to watch.

That’s when I realized…

Forget Cleveland. We are having so much fun reveling in how much the Cavaliers stink that we aren’t putting enough focus on the actual threat to the Celtics in the Eastern Conference.

Toronto is LEGIT. This team boogies the way that comedians talk about LA in the 90’s where everyone was bumping lines for breakfast and smoking crack.

DeMar DeRozan and Kyle Lowry are one of the top 1-2 guard combinations in all of basketball. I know Kyle Lowry has this weird thing where he disappears in the playoffs… We can’t count on that in a 7 game series this coming Spring.

It’s not just the starters, the Raptors bench goes bonkers on a nightly basis to the point where coach Dwayne Casey leaves his second unit in for the entire fourth quarter to win close games. Do you know how often that happens?


I’m not going to sit here and worry. The Celtics got the doors blown off them last night and it’s just one game of the 82 that they play.

Regardless, last night is the kind of game that wakes you up as a fan. Watching LeBron and his team of minions implode is so much fun.

Meanwhile, Toronto is just plotting in their tundra listening to Drake’s new music eating poutine.

This is the warning…

If you are a Celtics fan, start brushing up on your French (is French the dominant language in Toronto? I may be off). The Celtics play the Raptors two more times this season.

Those two contests are most likely going to decide who gets home court in the playoffs this Spring. To say those regular season games are huge is an understatement.

Do not read too much into the blowout last night. The Celtics ran into a buzzsaw with how hot Toronto game out. I expect a better result these next two contests.


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  1. It’s aboot time you started taking Canada seriously

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