Celtics fans, stop yelling at Danny Ainge to sign Gerald Green.

“SIGN GERALD GREEN!” – “Why don’t we go get Gerald Green?” – “Hey, Gerald Green is available.” – “Gerald Green did some good things for the Celtics last year.”

These have been the common quotes from just about everyone who wants to play hypothetical General Manager of the Celtics now that Gordon Hayward is out for the foreseeable future (If you haven’t heard that already…)

I get it, it’s an easy take. It’s a layup in terms of takes. Gerald Green fits. He knows the system, he played well in the system, he’s a wing player that has the ability to score and still somehow jump out of the gym after all these years. Above all else, he is available. This should be a no-brainer right? Why haven’t the Celtics already signed him? LOOK AT THESE HIGHLIGHTS FROM GAME 6!

It’s foolish that Green hasn’t been re-fitted for his Celtics uniform right? WRONG WRONG WRONG WRONG YOU ARE WRONG. YOU ARE THE MOST WRONG.

Listen, I’m a big Gerald Green fan and even I don’t think this would be a smart move. Think about it. WITH Gordon Hayward nobody believed the Celtics were winning a title. WITHOUT Gordon Hayward the Celtics fall down a tier even in the East. They’ll still make the playoffs but a deep playoff run and shocking the world isn’t the focus now whether we like it or not.

This is a development year with a side of playoff sauce. Kyrie gets a year in under Brad’s system and gets comfortable. Jaylen Brown continues to flourish and Jayson Tatum gets his NBA legs under him. Terry Rozier can take the next step as a pro. These are the things being focused on now. Signing Gerald Green just mucks up the rotation in the name of “Needing a veteran guy!” … You know who needs a veteran like Green? Someone who thinks they can contend and will comfortably give him the minutes. Gerald going back to Boston would be cool but it takes minutes and shots away from the young guys who are a lot more valuable to the organization in the long run. At most, Gerald Green is another one-year rental who won’t be on the team next season. So, if that’s the case then it only makes sense to just bring up another

So, if that’s the case then it only makes sense to just keep rotating players from the Maine Red Claws in the G-League (no longer the D-League) to see how they do with some real NBA action. Will the Celtics still go out and sign him? It’s obviously possible especially if you get him at the veteran minimum but I think the minutes are best spent on the youth movement.

I know that this was the year that Celtics fans could start focusing on the NOW instead of the future, and I understand it’s frustrating… but for the love of Larry Bird himself please take a minute to think like a rational human being and stop screaming for #GeraldGreenSZN.



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