Celtics Get Back On Track.

Hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving. If you are like me, you spent the day eating all of your feelings due to the Celtics streak ending on Wednesday night in a game that they should have been able to win.

Still, it’s alright… The streak had to end, this team is still great, everything is fine… Blah blah blah cranberry sauce from the can is superior to homemade blah blah blah.

The thing I was most interested in as soon as the Celtics streak came to an end was how they would respond. The Celtics hadn’t played a game following a loss since losing their second of the season to the Bucks on October 18th. I wondered if maybe that loss would carry over and the C’s might struggle against the Magic…

HAHAHAHAHAHA… Now THAT is a good one.
The Magic made damn sure that the Celtics had an easy night at the office.



What a sight for sore eyes, huh? The Celtics offense gets a #SteadyMobbin nod for last night. Every single look they got was one that they wanted AND didn’t even have to work that hard for. The first-quarter set the tone for the entire night. Check it…

15-22 from the floor (68%)
7-12 from the parking lot (58%)

This team has done anything BUT light it up from the floor early on in games, so this was incredible to see. There were two big factors that helped the Celtics light themselves on fire from the floor.

1.) Orlando literally refused to play defense.

The ball did not stick to one player’s hands the majority of the night. They got a little stagnant in the third-quarter but that’s when they were up by a 30 piece so I won’t hold it against them.

When the Celtics are moving the ball and nobody cares who is getting the shot, that’s when they are one of the best in basketball. I still maintain that the C’s play the best TEAM basketball of any squad in the Association and I’ll always stand by that.


I’m not joking, Al Horford is like having a gigantic point guard on the floor in addition to your two guards. Al had 7 assists in the first-quarter alone and 10 for the game. He was tossing beauties around too like this one…

This is what Al gives you; a little bit of everything and it is awesome. He can run the offense and then grind on the glass.


The kids done did it again last night, folks. Jaylen and Jayson came out on a mission and Jesus Christ did they complete it for the night. Every shot these two took were incredible looks and they made the most of them.

Tatum looks more and more comfortable each and every night. When he catches the ball there is no hesitation on what he wants to do. He’s lighting it up from three and defenders have no idea really what they’re supposed to do in order to keep him from getting to the basket. Tatum didn’t finish that one of those eye-popping stat lines but you just have to love the efficiency from him. He makes the most out of every shot he takes…

11 points
4-7 shooting
3-4 from Cambridge

Jaylen had himself a solid night as well.

13 points
4 assists
2 steals
1 block

I still just can’t really fathom how Jaylen is doing it. Again, not an eye-popping stat line but the shots he was sticking and his spin moves driving in the lane were a sight. The reason why I can’t fathom how he’s doing all of this is that of how heavy his heart must feel.

Losing anyone who is close to you so suddenly is the worst. Losing your best friend is something that just has to weigh on you in the worst way. Yet, Jaylen has continued to go out and not just play, but shine. In the post-game interviews, Jaylen said he was heading to the funeral for his best friend today so I don’t expect him to be in action tonight against the Pacers, and that is just fine with everyone.

Kyrie Swirvin’

It took a little bit but masked Kyrie is comfy AF right now.

As per usual, Kyrie made anyone in his way look like the stupid kid in class. It was AWESOME. I said it on our Twitter last night but it just seems like every single game Kyrie showcases a couple of moves that we just haven’t seen before. The Magic had no answer for him and he took advantage all night.

30 points
9-15 from the floor
2-4 from Mike’s Pastry
10-10 from the free throw line




We have not been able to really say anything good about the Celtics’ bench lately, which sucks because that really hits home for us here at the Mob.


The bench erupted for 50 points last night. YES PLEASE! They finally showed out the way they are able to. Again, the Magic playing zero defense helped a ton but credit the C’s bench for locking in and pushing away all of the criticism that they’ve received recently.

Leading the way? TERRY ROZIER
Tis the SZN folks, Merry Rozier.

T-Ro had a career-high last night with 23 points and his stat line looked PRETTY

23 points
6 rebounds
2 assists
1 steal
8-11 shooting
5-7 from my place in Fall River

The bench was the most confident I’ve seen them all season and that’s a big positive going forward if they can keep that up.

On To The Next One

Here we are, back on the winning track. The Celtics debuted their new black uniforms and maybe the new threads have all these made buckets in them. I’m all in for sticking around with them to find out.

Also, Orlando is bad. They suck and nobody can really convince me that they don’t. The Celtics are back at it again tonight in Indiana and I’m more intrigued about how they handle this back-to-back coming off the win. Since they won by 40 million points, 4 out of the 5 starters were able to rest the entire fourth-quarter. That should help.


Suck it, *Magic


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