Celtics Lose Game 4… Best of Three Series Now
Brad Stevens

You know who needs a disappointment cigarette right about now?

A lot of people if we’re being realistic.

You know who needs a carton of disappointment cigarettes followed by a pack of Juul pods?

Hi there, how the hell are ya?

That Really Sucked

There’s a lot of things to take away from this game both positive and negative. Mostly negative if I’m being honest but I won’t neglect the good things the Celtics did.

If Giannis doesn’t tip that ball in it’s an entirely different story at the end of that game. Still… It’s a loss.

The Celtics are one of the weirdest teams in the NBA. When an NBA team goes down 20 in a playoff game on the road, you might as well put it in the books. Hell, in Game 3 when the Celtics got Buck’d you just felt like that one was a wrap… and it was.

Today was different. When the C’s went down by 20 I still saw so many good things they were doing before that. I had no doubt they were going to climb back into that game. They have done it all year long, I had no reason to expect anything different.

Being Right & Wrong

I was right. I love when that happens. Then I was wrong and I HATE when that happens.

The Celtics climbed back into this one by doing the things that got them to the two-seed in the first place. They stopped settling for shitty shots and decided to actually defend like one of the best defensive teams in basketball.

Then it always comes down to late-game execution on both ends of the floor. Throughout the season the Celtics were solid in that department. Then again, this team is sans Kyrie, Smart, Theis, & Gordon if you want to throw him in there.

It’s not an excuse by any means. The Celtics should have won this game but they didn’t execute.

The Bucks did. Giannis is an animal and I owe Eric Bledsoe one hell of a mea culpa blog that I won’t actually write.

Jabari Parker nice to see you show up as well… Wish you would have waited until it was too late but I guess I need a reason to keep having mild heart attacks on a consistent basis.


Jaylen Brown, Jayson Tatum, Al Horford all came to play today. Jaylen continues to shine and you found Tatum & Horford making plays down the stretch on both ends of the floor.

I had no problems with the majority of the offense today despite that atrocious drought in the first-half. I kept saying the Celtics were settling and they were to some degree but the shots they were settling for still weren’t horrible looks.

I’m just used to seeing excellent looks and that’s how spoiled a Brad Stevens team can make a fan.

Once the defense cranked up the Bucks were stymied every trip down the floor. The C’s were active and beating the Bucks to loose balls. That’s when the game turned.

All The Negatives

The Bench: AWFUL
Terry Rozier: NOPE

It just wasn’t the game for the bench and Terry. Am I worried? Nope.

They just weren’t really there. Terry came alive at the end but it would’ve been nice to get a full performance out of him. I expect that Tuesday night in Game 5.

Even though the Celtics only had 8 turnovers they were COSTLY down the stretch. Jaylen Brown (as well as he played) with a transition turnover and then it leads to a Brogdon three on the other end made me want to throw my head through a wall.

The shooting drought just really put them in a hole at the end of the day. I trust the Celtics to be able to have a chance to win when they go down by 20 but by no means do I think they should install that into their God damn game plan.

They gave it all to get out of that hole and it just looked like it caught up to them finally.

Credit to the Bucks. I thought they were dead and they most certainly are not. I can’t say enough good things about Giannis and his ability to dominate a game. It’s going to take a ridiculous effort to contain him with Jabari Parker and Eric Bledsoe contributing again.

On To The Next One

Tuesday night. TD Garden.

This is must-win for the Celtics. If the Celtics lose Game 5 they’re losing this series. The Bucks are not going to win 3 in a row and then go home and lose in Milwaukee. The chance is Tuesday and the Celtics know it.

I’ll be in the house Tuesday night and I couldn’t be more excited. I expect the Garden to be VIBING. The last C’s playoff game I was at was Game 7 of the Washington series. I expect the same result.

The Celtics are going home to one of the best crowds in basketball. They’ll be ready. You can believe that.

Let’s ride.


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