Celtics Win Game 2 – Proceed To Laugh at City of Milwaukee

I tried to make myself as calm as possible going into last night’s Game 2 tilt between the Celtics and the Bucks.

I played a couple rounds of Fortnite. I landed in remote areas and not stupid congested Tilted Towers bullshit. I got a couple kills, shot the sniper well, and impulse grenade’d my way around the map. Did I get any wins? Nope. I just went in to do the damn thing before the game.

If you have no idea what the paragraph above meant… Congratulations on being a normal adult. If you did understand that paragraph, let’s run a duo’s or squads sometime.

When I put the game on I had “resources” locked and loaded ready to go for when this game got out of hand and my heart started to give me a warning sign that the train is leaving the station & that it’s been a nice run.

It’s just weird that I didn’t need any of those resources… not once.

The Most Confusing Blowout Ever

The final score of the game was 120-106… The Celtics win by 14 points but really with the garbage totals at the end this was around a 20 point lopsided blowout that never seemed as close as the scoreboard sometimes indicated.

This means the Bucks probably played like shit right? Garbage all the way around?

No… Weirdly enough they played pretty well. That’s why last night’s win was so hilarious. The Bucks shot 59.7% from the floor and 41.2% from three and lost by double-digits.

Do you know how hard that is to do in the NBA? If you told me that the Bucks were going to shoot 60% from the floor I would have GUARANTEED that the Celtics lost by 20+.

Giannis went for 30 on 13-17 shooting in another stellar performance. So how in sweet Jesus Christ did the Celtics go up 2-0 last night?

Because the Celtics are dope, and they do dope shit… HERE WE GO

The Buck Stops Here

For as well as the Bucks shot the ball, they were absolute garbage in every other sense of the game of basketball. When I say every other sense I literally mean every other aspect of the game of basketball they were a deceivingly stale bag of Pirate’s Booty from Trader Joe’s.

The Bucks shot 19-24 from the free throw line in game one. It really seemed like every time they got to the line it was automatic points. Last night? A balmy 7-17 from the charity stripe which was good for 41%.

Do you know who shoots 41% from the free throw line? High school teams. NBA teams shooting that from the line is hilariously bad.

In addition to looking like me at the free throw line, the Bucks decided to be generous gifters of the basketball into every Celtic player’s hands. 15 turnovers for the Bucks is not the best look in a game you’re trying to bounce back.

I’ll just finish with this… Eric Bledsoe, my dude, just go on vacation now. Just half-slapping at Jaylen Brown as he flies by you for a Yam Session.

Speaking of which…


Jaylen Brown. Have I said that name before?

Back-to-Back playoff career highs for Jaylen Brown as he poured in 30 last night. To say Jaylen looked comfortable would be an understatement. This dude could have played in satin pajamas and he still wouldn’t have looked smoother than he did on the offensive end of the floor.

This is exactly what I was talking about in my opening playoff blog about enjoying this run. These are the reasons to enjoy it. Look how poised Jaylen Brown is on all of these highlights. He knows he belongs there. There is no doubt in his mind that he’s the best player on the court even if he’s staring down Giannis.

It’s that kind of confidence I think you need to have to be an NBA player. He’s got it. He’s showing it. More importantly, he’s building.

Scary Terry & Steady Al

Terry Rozier has played 78 of a possible 101 minutes of basketball between Game 1 (overtime) and Game 2… Want to know how many turnovers he has?

GOOSE EGG BABY. Zero freaking turnovers in 78 minutes played by your starting point guard is that good? I’m just wondering. Is it? Get back to me on that.

Terry was ACES last night from start to finish. The only thing that terrifies me with how well he’s playing is how much money he is going to get in free agency when the time comes. But let’s focus on positives. Like this!

Ever since that 3rd quarter of Game 1, Terry has kicked it up to another level. He’s been stellar ever since he went clutch city at the end of the opener and he looks like he’s here to stay. I don’t mind it one bit.

Al Horford didn’t have a loud night like he did in Game 1 but he has the quintessential Al Horford type game. It’s a game that concludes with a stat line that causes morons to say “YOU PAY ALL THAT MONEY FOR THAT?!?!?” without even watching the game or understanding the impact he has.

16 points
5 rebounds
4 assists
2 steals
7-11 from the floor

Whenever they needed Al to hit a big shot (Getting face guarded by Giannis as the shot clock expired and DRILLED IT) he was there. He was the defensive anchor between giving help on screens to trying to keep Giannis contained. Al is the perfect teammate and contributor on this team.

BENCH MOBBIN’!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I’m so excited for this section. I had to finish with it. I just had to.

THE BENCH WAS A HOOT LAST NIGHT. Granted the bench was made up of three main contributors and a couple of Yabu rebounds/steals. I still count it as one of the best bench performances of the year.

Marcus Morris, Greg Monroe, & Shane Larkin were lights out last night.

41 points combined
16-26 shooting

Marcus Morris continues to amaze everyone who watches him. I’ve come to expect it at this point and I don’t think I could be a bigger Marcus Morris fan than I am now. I am enthralled with this guy’s ability to score. His fearlessness continues to show and he will never back down from a moment.

There were a couple TOUGH threes with guys right in his face and he just drills big-time shots every chance he gets.

I was just so freaking happy for Shane Larkin though.

After the catastrophe that was Larkin’s Game 1 (5 points, 4 turnovers, 16 minutes) I never wavered on whether he would at least get the minutes last night. Somebody needs to be the point guard off the bench and it’s not like Brad has many options.

Larkin had himself a night. He completely put Game 1 behind him and contributed every single minute he was on the floor.

The Celtics bench outscored the Bucks bench 41-25 and the Bucks bench was ATROCIOUS. Anytime you’re relying on Malcolm Brogdon and Shabazz Muhammad for your bench scoring while Boring Jabari Parker plays with a Rubix cube on the bench…

You’re going to have a hard time winning a basketball game.

On To The Next One

The Celtics hit the road and they’ll be back at it Friday night. The C’s will have a nice two-day break to get some much-needed rest with how many minutes some of their guys have logged so far.

As always… Winning on the road in the playoffs is difficult to do no matter who the opponent is. The Celtics did what they had to do and now they need to see if they can put this thing out of reach sooner rather than later.

Game 3 is pivotal. If the Celtics go up 3-0 they’re going to close this thing out QUICK. That kind of rest while other series are playing out pays dividends for a team that has to have players log serious minutes with all the injuries.

Regardless. It’s another win. 2 down and we’re on to the next one. Just so you remember… You don’t want zero problems with these Celtics.



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