Despite Losing In Oracle, The Celtics Took A Step Forward.


Shut up just for a second.

I understand that there are no moral victories, and I’m not really trying to call this a victory at all. The Celtics lost to Golden State last night in their house and it sucked eggs having to stomach watching Steph Curry go bonkers.

Curry went for 49 and it was just one of those nights where every shot he put up I already counted it on the scoreboard. It’s normally such a fun thing to watch… just not when it’s being done to your team.

Still, even with Curry going banana land, and the rest of the Warriors’ team filling in the gaps for some of these incredible looking runs… The Celtics hung tough.

They weathered numerous runs to maintain their lead in the first half. They overcame a deficit late in the game to take the lead and keep this thing close.

And I cannot believe I’m going to say this and mean it… but the Celtics SHOULD have won that game last night. Not in a fluke sense either, I truly felt the Celtics were the better team last night.

Am I saying that the Celtics are better than the Warriors? NOPE. Absolutely not because they aren’t… LAST NIGHT, though? Yes. They were.

Shooting 50% from three and finding ways to keep this game close even when the entire offense (Outside of Kyrie) was anemic proved to me that they should have won.

37 points on 13-18 shooting. That is stupid efficient.

The reason why I say the Celtics took a step forward is that they were one or two better-executed plays from winning their third straight game in Oracle Arena. Do you know how hard it is to win three straight against the Warriors in Oracle?

Have you ever tried to put toothpaste back into the tube? Or remain friends with an ex?


The Celtics can hang with the top teams in the league, we already knew that. Last night proved that they can handle the usual Warriors barrage of offense that kills teams and forces them to fold… in their house. Come playoff time, I think it’s games like last night that they can look to and be better prepared to execute those one or two plays down the stretch that really decide the game.

Everyone keeps saying (myself included) that last night was the Finals preview and it very well could be… I think it’s inappropriate to dismiss Toronto, Cleveland, and Houston though.

Still, if last night was the Finals preview… Although I still think the Warriors are the better team, I’m starting to feel less and less nervous about the Celtics making the series competitive.


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