Eric Bledsoe should learn who Terry Rozier is before Game 3.

Just in case you missed this fun little Player-Reporter exchange…

Now as much as people might think I’m a shitty guy that wants every single opponent of Boston sport’s teams to suffer and fail.

I am that guy. I truly am. I wish I was sorry about it but I’m not. Will I tip my cap if an opponent comes in and beats any of the four Boston teams? You bet. I give credit where it’s due.

Still, I will never ever try to wish any sort of good fortune onto a team prior/during a tilt with the boys.

Today is the day where that changes. I feel bad for Eric Bledsoe. I really do. He’s so sad and miserable knowing that he’s been pretty much allergic to doing anything positive on the basketball floor this series. I have to imagine it’s tough.

He’s an angry dude right now and I guess all that anger made him forget that Terry Rozier has been lighting him up so far this series. So I’m here to help!

I’m here to provide an incredible ProTip for Eric Bledsoe (Hope you’re reading this my dude!)

Eric – Please learn who Terry Rozier is before tonight’s game or YOU’RE GOING TO HAVE A BAD TIME.

Here’s some stuff for reference.

I just had to put the same highlight again at the end because kudos to the Celtics social media team for throwing that animation together.

Now back to my pal Eric.

Eric buddy, it’s simple. Just keep an eye on that guy. It’s still not going to work out well for you but MAYBE you can watch his game and pick up a thing or two to add to your skillset!

Good luck, my friend.


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