Greg Monroe Is Signing With The Celtics
Greg Monroe

Greg Monroe was bought out by the Phoenix Suns a couple of days ago and speculation began as to where he would sign for the remainder of the season.



I love me a good Woj bomb. Oh yes, I do.

There were a lot of reports swirling ever since Monroe got bought out about how he actually WASN’T coming to Boston and that he wanted to pursue opportunities with other teams. That bummed me out.

This is a really nice change of pace because I think Monroe addresses a glaring need for the Celtics.

Rim protection.

Is Greg Monroe a guy who can stretch the floor with his offense? Nope. Does that me he cannot fit into Brad’s system? No, it does not.

This is what Brad Stevens does best. He takes players that “shouldn’t fit the system” and leverages their strengths into the system so that they are a productive piece of the machine.

Great coaches do that.

This is a great signing for the Celtics who will be able to use the $8.4 million dollar disabled player exception they received for the Gordon Hayward injury.

Greg Monroe will be an Aron Baynes type but with better athleticism and better rebounding prowess. Whenever Brad Stevens had to deploy a big lineup, he really only had the option of using Baynes and Horford (and Daniel Theis I guess) as his “big lineup”

This provides flexibility and I think it’ll help keep the rotation of big guys fresh.

By adding Monroe, all sights shift to the trade deadline and what Danny Ainge has in store for this roster. I still think that the Celtics need an offensive minded guard/wing to help deal with the bench scoring whenever Kyrie sits down.

The Celtics need to score, and their offense is anemic by league standards. They’ve addressed one need by signing Monroe, and now they move onto the next tweak.

Welcome to Boston, Greg. We think you’re going to enjoy yourself here.


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