Instant Classic: Celtics Win Game 1

If you need me next Sunday just do me a favor and don’t… I think I have to go to church.

At least that’s how I’m feeling right now just second after the Celtics won Game 1 of their opening series with the Bucks in heart attack fashion.

Alright, that was my “I’m a real sports writer! Take me seriously!” intro. Now…

LETS FUCKING GO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



Where The Hell Do We Even Start?

Seriously, so many angles. So many things to talk about. ALL OF THE FUN.

Let’s start with the first quarter. The Celtics went on a 10-0 run and it looked like the Celtics were going to not make me feel the need to text the local Fall River Xanax professional.

If you’re new here. You would have kept thinking that. If you actually know this Celtics team you probably laughed at yourself if you thought this was going to be easy.

As good as the first was, the second quarter might have set the game of basketball back 35 years with how bad the Celtics played. They were HOT GARBAGE and the Bucks took advantage.

Even being dominated in the 2nd the C’s cut it to three at recess.


Jaylen Brown & Jayson Tatum… AGAIN FOR THE PEOPLE IN THE BACK.


These two guys played like absolute studs throughout the whole game. Flying all over the court. Forcing turnovers. Steals galore and some BEAUTIFUL highlights.

I could add so many more highlights. The point is these two are READY. Jayson Tatum especially. Lest we forget that this was Jayson Tatum’s playoff debut. Jayson Tatum just turned 20 years old.

Jayson Tatum is playing like a 4 year veteran who finally found his rhythm and it is his rookie season. We have talked about his poise all season long but this was another level. The future looks even brighter than it already did.

We’re not complaining about the present either.

Marcus Morris Doing The Damn Thing

With so many storylines coming out of this game it’s very easy to overlook what Marcus Morris did in this game but he was GIGANTIC in this win.

He did absolutely everything. The thing I admire most about Morris is that he is NEVER AFRAID. He will take the big shot. He’ll get in your face and tell you your mother’s cooking is garbage. Then he’ll take a charge late in the game to keep the momentum going.

That is how you play basketball. Time after time during this game when the ball got into his hands I felt like he was going to make a positive play.

This play early was bonkers but the play that stuck out to me the most was his mid-range jumper that missed and he immediately follows it for the put back dunk. That’s playoff basketball in a nutshell.

Much Like Tuukka Rask

5-8 from the flood
1-2 from three
13-14 from the line
24pts – 12reb

Al Horford played the game of his life today. So many Average Al naysayers and haters are crawling back into their basements to cry about how well he played.

24 points on 8 freaking shots is RIDICULOUS. Also what won’t show up in the box score was just how incredible of a defensive job he did throughout the entire game. There was almost a full quarter stretch when Giannis didn’t score.

Speaking Giannis. That boy is a MONSTER. Even on an off day the guy racked up 34 points. He is insane… but what about this.


Every time Al got the ball on the block he had his way with Giannis. He either scored or was fouled because Giannis knew he was beat. Best believe that Brad Stevens has that one noted for Game 2.

Al was clutch down the stretch and if this is how he’s going to ride for the playoffs the Celtics are going to be even more of a hoot than they already were today.

Scary Terry Rozier & The Anatomy
of an Overtime Win

First half Terry Rozier = Yikes
Second Half Terry Rozier = DA GAWD

Eric Bledsoe should not be allowed back on a basketball court after that showing. He must have been paying homage to the Bruins who played last night because that boy was on skates during this possession.

Terry Rozier with the nuts to take that shot and drill it in crunch time is unreal. Game over! We win! What a game… Let’s all… What?

Well I guess I’ll just go screw myself… I literally sunk in my chair with a feeling that tomorrow was going to be a horrible day at work. That’s the kind of shot that you see go in and you think it’s over from there. Overtime is just a formality because the Celtics need to spend those 5 minutes pulling the dagger out and not dying.

Then we all remembered that this year’s Celtics team is dagger proof.

Terry was that freaking dude during the 4th and OT… 14 points combined in both those time periods. He recognized he was struggling early and was determined to not let that get in the way of him finishing this game.

The Celtics got stops when they needed to and Rozier grabs the game winning rebound that subsequently fouled Giannis out of the game. I’ll admit that call was a farce and it should have been a jump ball.

I’m also not complaining. The officials were garbage and inconsistent all game long. Both teams were hosed when it came to soft fouls and missed calls.


Just like I said with the Bruins… It’s one game. The Bruins came out and left no doubt in Game 2 of their series.

The Celtics will probably not run the same course. Will they win? I believe they will. Is it going to probably take more years off all of our lives?

You bet your ass it will… and I would have it any other way.

This basketball team is so much fun and this is about enjoying the ride one big shot at a time. Everybody knows that no matter how many guys go down on this team, you don’t want zero problems with these boys.

SEE Y’ALL FOR GAME 2!!!!!!! —— HIT IT!!!!!!



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