Jaylen Brown and Jayson Tatum NEED A NEW NICKNAME
Waltham-06/30/2017- The Boston Celtics held a summer league at their practice facility. Jayson Tatum(left) and Jaylen Brown chat during a drill. John Tlumacki/The Boston Globe(sports)

The other night after the Celtics euthanized the New York Knicks. Jaylen Brown, in his interview with Abby Chin, claimed that he and Jayson Tatum need a new nickname for the duo. Especially after Kyrie ruined the 7-11 bros dream.

That’s when… the Internet went crazy. Celtics’ twitter started shooting from the hip and I went on a search for the notables. I really can’t sit here and say which are the best and worst because every one that I looked at just made me laugh. HERE WE GO!

I actually laughed out loud when I first saw this one. This is hilarious to me and anyone else who is a Saturday Night Live fan. The TV Funhouse segments with the Ambiguously Gay Duo animation sketches are still to this day some of the funniest bits. Is it the best nickname for these two? I don’t think so… Ambiguous does mean to be interpreted in more than one way or have a double meaning… Wait a minute this might be perfect.

This video covers a good amount of them that were sent in. All of them are kind of meh in my opinion. The Slash Brothers is a cool one but that’s just bitten from Golden State and it should be something newer. Floating around on Twitter was a few “Jordan and Pippen” suggestions and again… Originality.

Causeway Kids rolls off the tongue but also sounds like an Irish middle school bullying gang. Chris Gasper (Boston Globe) suggested the O’Jays which I personally loved because I’m a big fan of the band.

This is a question that might not ever be answered unless Jaylen and Jayson come out and declare their new nickname together. Some say they don’t need one and this is stupid AND TO THAT I SAY go to bed, losers.

The Bench Mob is always open to suggestions that you might come up with… Send them to our Twitter @BostonBenchMob… Now I figured that I need to get in on this just in case when the site finally takes off we might be able to have a hand in taking credit for the nickname… HERE WE GO BENCH MOB’S OWN SUGGESTIONS

50 Shades of Jay
United AirJay’s

I didn’t say they’d be good, but it’s the effort that counts.


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