Let’s All Use Thanksgiving To Eat Our Feelings Now That The Celtics Streak Is Over.

“All good things must come to an end”
– Someone 40,000 years ago

There’s been a common theme to the majority of the Celtics’ wins throughout their 16 game win streak. That theme has been the Celtics falling behind an absurd amount of points during the game and then finding a way to close the gap in the fourth quarter en route to a spectacular finish.

Has that been fun to watch night after night? Yup. Have I been at risk for multiple heart attacks each game? You betcha. Would I have it any other way……? Well…

Look, I know it’s been awesome to watch because there is something really cool about going down 18 points and just knowing that the Celtics are going to find a way to come back. Many teams in the NBA go down by 18, mail the whole game in, and move onto the next night. These Celtics are a different breed and I love that about them.

Still, if you play with fire that many times… your ass is going to get burnt. Fitting the Celtics fell to the Heat last night, right? Bad joke. Hand up, my bad. Let’s take a look at the end of the streak.

Rec League Shooting

This the part of the Celtics that I just cannot stand. They are not a consistently good shooting basketball team. Those are just facts. It showed last night… again. The other night in Dallas when Kyrie and Jaylen went BONKERS I thought the team was turning a corner in the shooting department… NOPE.

First-Half Shooting Stats
16-48 from the floor (33.3%)
5-18 from deep (27.8%)

Woof, dude. not ideal. It wasn’t that odd to see Marcus Smart struggling from the floor but I’m not worried about his shooting anymore. Marcus works his ass off and shots aren’t falling. The “WELL HE SHOULDN’T SHOOT EVER THEN” crowd needs to go away. If Marcus is on the floor and refuses to shoot he becomes Rajon Rondo in the sense that defenses will literally refuse to play him and will double-team Kyrie.

I get frustrated with the jacked-up threes but I think we all (myself included) need to back off from that stand-point and appreciate the way Smart affects every other aspect of the game.

Everyone else though? HOLY SHIT. Look at this.

Al Horford – Terry Rozier – Marcus Morris
8-27 from the floor.

For three guys who have great offensive games in their skill sets, that cannot happen. Kyrie, Jaylen, and Jayson all held their own last night but overall it was just not a great shooting night for the C’s


lol, Nope.

The Heat shot 51% in the first-half. The way the Celtics have stayed in all of these games even when shooting like they just came out of Dick Vitale’s freezer that he has to stay in until March Madness is because of their defense. They didn’t have that edge on the defensive end of the floor last night and it was obvious.

Those are just a few of the great looks Miami got all night long. They finished the game shooting 49% from the floor. Very uncharacteristic for the Celtics defense.

Goran Dragic & Dion Waiters

Just like we all predicted, these two jabronis went off for a combined 53 points… Jesus H. Christ that sucked to watch. These two were DOMINANT all night long and honestly got any look they wanted on the offensive end. You credit the games they both had but good Lord a better job has to be done in locking guys like that down.

The reason these guys had so much success? The Heat are the 3rd most driving team in the league. They pride themselves on getting into the paint and working inside-out. Waiters and Dragic did an incredible job all night of slashing through the lane and then using that success to open up great looks from the outside.

Missed Opportunities & Bad Luck


The Celtics still had a chance to win this game. They were down 18 at one point and then they finally woke up in the 4th quarter.

When the Celtics put the jets on last night, I said out loud to myself that it was all good and they were going to win this game. Well, shit.

Despite the Celtics closing the gap AGAIN. They did something that we just haven’t seen during this streak… They lost their composure down the stretch.

Missed free throws, turnovers, you name it… The Celtics did it. It was kind of shocking to see at first but it just looked like the Celtics were gassed at the end of the game and Miami was just not breaking a sweat. The Heat organization is HUGE on conditioning and it showed last night.

Also… You know… This helped a little bit.

Good God, man… That sucked. Then Dion Waiters saunters back on defense as if he meant to do that. Gross.

On To The Next One

Here we are, folks. Waking up the morning after a Celtics game dealing with a loss for the first time since they lost on October 18th to the Bucks at home. This streak was an INCREDIBLE run but obviously, it had to end sometime.

Silver linings? Sure, why not. The Celtics still had a chance to win this one even though they played like garbage. If they didn’t throw up on themselves and Waiters doesn’t get that bounce it’s another win. I still credit the Heat for punching the C’s in the mouth and not backing down.

The Celtics needed a loss like this to help them come back down to Earth. I think they learn from this one and it’s going to be great film going forward.

The C’s are back at it again tomorrow night against the Magic. Let’s start a new streak.



Happy Thanksgiving, Mobsters.


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