NEW STREAK ALERT! Celtics win again.
Nov 25, 2017; Indianapolis, IN, USA; Boston Celtics forward Al Horford (42) is guarded by Indiana Pacers forward Thaddeus Young (21) in the first quarter at Bankers Life Fieldhouse. Mandatory Credit: Brian Spurlock-USA TODAY Sports


I’m calm.

It’s beyond unreasonable to expect the Celtics to go on another streak like before. Honestly, it’s sort of a cop-out talking point to always be bringing up the original streak now that it’s over. Every time the Celtics win a few in a row everyone is going to be typing the headline of this blog… Only with a serious tone.

Regardless, last night was impressive. No Jaylen Brown (personal reasons) and no Marcus Morris (Knee) and the C’s still found a way to win. It wasn’t pretty at times, but do we give a shit about that anymore?

NOPE. Check up! Ball in!

Elite* Shooter Marcus Smart

*One game sample (last night)

Not a typo. Marcus was INCREDIBLE last night. Without Jaylen or Marcus Morris, Smart was inserted into the starting lineup and he put in one hell of an offensive performance.

15 points
6 rebounds
5 assists
2 steals
7-8 shooting
1-2 from your mother’s house in the suburbs

Two things that were awesome out of Marcus last night…
1. Only two attempted threes

This is the Marcus Smart I love so much. He is a gifted passer and it was on display last night. When it came to his shot selection? PERFECTION. I have ZERO issues with Marcus shooting from mid-range, and he hit a few last night. He stopped jacking up tons of threes and only took the ones that he stepped into. Love that.


The C’s bench stepped up again last night. Tis the season, Merry Rozier was back at it again with every shot imaginable last night. T-Ro is locked in right now and I hope it never ends. He has found his groove and has more confidence than me running a track event at Fat Camp.

The bench scoring combined…

13-21 shooting
4-9 from Fenway
31 points

LONG LIVE THE BENCH. On a night where the C’s were so short-handed, the contributions of the bench were gigantic.


First-half defense? DUMPSTER FIRE

The start of this game was UGLY… Weird, right? Haven’t seen that before *Hits face with bricks*

In the first-quarter… The Pacers shot 71% from the floor and 57% from deep. GROSS. The Pacers continued to shoot the lights out throughout the first-half and the Celtics defense just looked lost.

They broke down on a lot of defensive possessions, allowing the Pacers free drives to the basket and making Lance Stephenson look like Paul George was never traded.

Still, Brad Stevens knows what to do at half-time and the Celtics made the necessary adjustments (or just started trying) and dominated the rest of the game defensively.

The Pacers still finished shooting 48% for the game, but the Celtics forced 19 Pacers’ turnovers which helped aid their gigantic third-quarter that took the game back over.

Speaking of that third-quarter…


Florida Gator version of Al Horford was out and BALLING last night. Al literally took the third-quarter and kept it all to himself and that was just fine with everybody on the team. Al had 12 points in the third alone and they came on a variety of beautiful shots.

I LOVE AGGRESSIVE AL. Seriously, Al doesn’t have to do this every night since the entire team has the ability to score, but I always love when Al goes out determined to put a lot of shots up.

21 points
6 assists
5 rebounds
3 blocks
8-15 shooting
3-4 from the bathroom in my old high school where kids used to smoke cigarettes

Keep on doing your dance, Al.

KYRIE… Who else?

Kyrie Irving is stupid amazing right now. The run that he is on right now is ridiculous… LOOK AT THESE SPLITS


Jesus H. Christ… I love all of it.

Kyrie is bonkers right now, and it’s a lot of fun. I will admit that I was kind of shooing away people who were screaming “KYRIE FOR MVP” because I still think that Al Horford has been the Celtics’ best player so far this season when you look at the entire body of work.

But these last couple of games? Kyrie is making me look STUPID and that’s just fine. It’s unreasonable to expect Kyrie to stay this hot for the rest of the season, I understand that. Still, IF IF IF Kyrie was able to keep this up until the end of the season then that is your MVP folks.

On To The Next One

Here we are, two wins in a row. The Celtics came out flat to start this game but they rallied like they usually do. The C’s have won 18 of their last 19 and they’ll get Jaylen Brown back on Monday. I assume Morris will be in the lineup as well.

Who’s got next? The Detroit Pistons come into the Garden tomorrow night. Avery Bradley (I will always love you) makes his first trip back to Boston since being dealt in the summer. I hope Avery gets a GIGANTIC ovation from the crowd. I love that guy.


Suck it, Pacers*


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