See? The Celtics are fine. Marcus Smart on the other HAND? Not fine.

See what I did there? I’ll see myself out…

BUT BEFORE I DO THAT… If you don’t understand what that pun was for, allow me to fill you in.

The Celtics got back on track in LA last night when they squared off against the Clippers. The C’s returned to form with a balanced effort from the entire squad.

AKA – Celtics Basketball

I’m not so much focused on the win last night, though. Anyone with any knowledge about this team or the NBA in general knew the Celtics would put together a solid performance and start to make things right.

I’m more focused on Marcus Smart here… Smart didn’t play last night because he went full Tom Brady and had to received stitches on his hand after “Lacerating his hand on glass at the team hotel after the Laker game”

The team said that the incident is “under investigation” but come on now… I don’t think you need a degree in criminal justice to understand what happened.

Smart missed the game-winner at the buzzer against the Lakers, then hurts his hand on glass at the hotel right after.

I’m not going to assume this as fact, but I have to think that Marcus Smart being an emotional and competitive guy had something to do with this. I get it, we’ve all been there. Sometimes you just get pissed and you’ve gotta try and fight something made out of glass.

Still, regardless of what you think of Marcus Smart’s shooting ability… He is one of the important pieces of this Celtics team. He is now out for who knows how long.

IF IF IF IF IF this was a rage-fueled episode where Smart punched some glass and hurt himself out of frustration… It’s not the best look for a guy who is trying to get paid in the off-season.

I know it’s an isolated incident and it could all be irrelevant a few weeks from now, but I just have to think the Smart knows better. Don’t put yourself in that kind of position, dog.



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