That’s 9 in a row, folks. The Celtics are still on fire.

“Scheduled loss”
Definition: A term used frequently in basketball and hockey referring to the second night of a back-to-back game where a team has been traveling.

Last night was supposed to be one of those scheduled losses. The Celtics were coming off a win in Orlando and had to travel to Atlanta to play a Hawks team coming off an incredible win over the Cleveland Cavaliers.

You could argue if it should have actually qualified as a scheduled loss. The Celtics are a far better team than the Hawks. The Hawks are in full rebuild. But last night proved to be a much tougher matchup.

The Celtics defense, which has been lights out lately, was non-existent for the majority of this game. The Hawks were getting any look they wanted at any time. The C’s weren’t rotating well and just looked out of sorts on the defensive end.

The most alarming thing about the defense? The Hawks shot 13-26 from three-point land… 50% for the folks at home with math issues. Jesus. Woof. The Celtics have had an incredible three-point defense so far this season but last night was ugly.

Despite the Hawks shooting the lights out, they couldn’t stretch any kind of lead on the Celtics all night. Their biggest lead was 7. When you’re shooting like that, and you’re barely hanging onto a lead… Something is wrong. The Celtics did a great job of weathering the storm on defense. Then the night belonged to these three gentlemen…

Kyrie Irving
Jayson Tatum
Al Horford

Holy. Shit. All three of them. Yes, there were other key contributions last night but these three stole the damn show.

Al Horford continued his career-year with another strong opening to the game. 7 points 4 rebounds 3 assists in the first quarter… He finished with 15 points 10 boards and 9 assists… and this YAM

DO YOUR DANCE, AL! — I truly think this is the most fun Al Horford has ever had playing basketball. He has never looked more confident and aggressive. Him and Kyrie on the floor at the same time always knowing where each other is… it’s beautiful. Al is just leading by example, and I love every second of it.

Continuing in reverse order… JAYSON TATUM WHAT DO YOU SAY?!?!?!

Stop me if you’ve heard this before… but Jayson Tatum is the most poised rookie EVER. He couldn’t look more comfortable on the court if he tried. Just full on snuggie mode multiplied by 100000000. 21 points 8 rebounds 2 blocks 1 steal 1 assist… 7-13 shooting… 3-5 from three. Boom bam bop. Rookie of the Year leader.

But the best had to be saved for last. It’s flat Earth season, folks. The night belonged to Kyrie the Closer. Holy shit, incredible stuff.

The things Kyrie Irving can do with a basketball are things I didn’t really think were possible. The way he can handle a ball, drive past defenders, float in the air, and then finish an acrobatic layup OR fire a Tom Brady DOT to an open teammate is beyond me.

Plays like that, and then the ability to close down the stretch… Unreal. Seriously look at this…

Are you kidding me? Down 2 under two minutes and you NEED a bucket. Kyrie just rises and drills a go-ahead three. He continued to close down the stretch and this was his stat line…

35 points
7 assists
3 rebounds
14-22 shooting
4-10 from three

Yes, please. That was Kyrie’s best offensive performance in a Celtics uniform and this team is ROLLING. Who knows how long the Celtics can keep this up, but this is so much fun. Losing the first two games of the season, and the entire country said the Celtics were porked for the season.

Hello, how ya doing? Best record in basketball with no signs of slowing down. I love this basketball team.




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