The Celtics are fine. Stop worrying.

I’m not sure what your level of Celtics fan-hood is.

Even the biggest Celtics fans had to cringe when looking at the start time of last night’s game in Los Angeles against the Lakers. Most people see 10:30PM tip-off and give it the old “That’s gonna be a no from me, dog.” and that’s that…

Not this guy. I LIVE for that time slot… if everything pans out.

It didn’t, and I hate myself today.

I don’t want to get into the recapping of a game that the Celtics should have won. Why relive the frustration of staying up until 1AM just to watch Marcus Smart take a contested three at the buzzer.

Seriously, I’m fine.

This is where I arrive at the point, seriously… The Celtics have lost 4 in a row and it’s not the best look right now for Brad Stevens and the boys.

I can sit here and reference stats, the number of games played, and the London trip. I know that I would arrive at a justifiable reason why the Celtics are slumping right now. All of those factors are relevant.

The Celtics are a young basketball team… Don’t let old-man Horford fool you into thinking this is an old bunch. These are the growing pains that honestly I expected WAY EARLIER in the season.

Instead, during that time the Celtics went on a win streak that was bonkers.

The NBA regular season is 82 games long (Thanks, Captain Obvious) but really think about that for a second. The Celtics take the floor as a unit 82 separate times to play 48 minutes of competitive basketball between the months of October and April.

The season is long and it comes with its own peaks and valleys. The Celtics are a YOUNG basketball team. Don’t let old-man Horford fool you into thinking that this team is full of grizzled old veterans. Yes, there are proven pieces but there is so much youth that these kinds of losing streaks are growing pains.

I expected this early in the season, and then the C’s went on a win streak that was bonkers. So they’re facing that early season adversity now. I’ll take it as Walmart Layaway since we had to deal with the Hayward injury.

All I’m saying is… STOP PANICKING. The Celtics will figure this out. We should all be glad that they’re struggling and here’s why…

The Hayward injury was a big blow and it really brought this team together… but every team needs a healthy dose of struggle, negativity, and doubt. That kind of stuff lights a fire under a team of competitive people. It inspires spirited discussions and productive solutions.

So again, everything is fine… but for the love of God I hope Marcus Smart finds another shooter to take a last-second shot to win the game.



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