The Celtics are Steady Mobbin’ right now.

Last night was one of those nights where you KNOW the Celtics were supposed to dominate. The Kings are laugh out loud horrible. Seriously, remember when all of us Celtics fans wanted Buddy Hield over Jaylen Brown that draft? WE ARE ALL IDIOTS AND DANNY AINGE IS BASKETBALL GM GOD.

Still, even though we all knew the Celtics should win big last night, there was still a little hesitation from me just based solely on the effect these kinds of games have on the Celtics of years past. It was an inferior opponent, the C’s are streaking, and everything is clicking. Therefore, previous Celtics teams with that situation end up playing into the trap game and letting the inferior opponent hang around only to rely on some magic in the last minutes to propel them to a win… OR they wouldn’t have that magic and they’d force me to pound wet sand because they let one get away.

Last night though? This year’s Celtics? BOOM BAM BOP. Talk about punching them in the mouth relatively early and never letting them get back up.

Last night was just flat out fun. It was fun to watch the Celtics all collectively be on fire when shooting from the floor. They shot 48.8% from the floor and 41.5% from three. That is bonkers for a team percentage throughout an entire game. They were also a strong 16-19 from the free throw line.

There was a ton of stuff from this game that was positive. We’re going to start with WELCOMING BACK JAYLEN BROWN!

GO ON WITH YOUR BAD SELF! That wasn’t even the most impressive thing about Jaylen last night. It was his jump shot. Every shot he took looked silky smooth. You want efficient? YOU GOT IT. Look at this stat line

22 points, 6 rebounds, 1 assist
7-8 shooting
5-6 from three

Oh yeah, that one miss? He was passed the ball with 2 seconds left on the shot clock and he was stripped on his shot attempt resulting in a no-win shot clock violation. Jaylen was actually perfect last night. This was awesome to see Jaylen bounce back from a couple of rough games and what a perfect opponent to do it against. The Kings just don’t really play defense and that’s always fun to watch when your offense is cooking.

Another positive? BENCH MOB! Literally the spirit animals behind our existence. THE BENCH. The Celtics bench last night was bonkers. They combined for 46 points. THAT IS HOW YOU DO IT. Highlights from the bench? Everyone.

Marcus Smart and Daniel Theis are making a weird buddy cop movie lifestyle about throwing alley-oops to each other and solving cases where Marcus has to do all the talking because Theis literally doesn’t understand English.

Smart, Terry Rozier, Theis, and Semi Ojeleye were awesome last night. Rozier and Ojeleye were knocking down jumpers and this is the kind of bench production that every team hopes for. Last season, the second unit could not score consistently. This year? These guys are booming during this winning streak.

Lastly, I want to speak on Kyrie’s performance but not for the usual reasons. I could talk about his awesome stat line, his scoring, his ability to run the offense, his AWESOME chemistry with Al Horford, or his handles… but last night the best thing I saw out of Kyrie was his defense.

That is just one of Kyrie’s FOUR steals last night. Four steals for one player in a game is a ton. Granted, the clip above was more about just being aware and not really locking someone up… but this has been a trend all season with Kyrie and it was on display last night. Kyrie leads the entire league in steals with 21… YOU LIKE THAT.

All I heard when this trade happened was, “Have fun with Kyrie on defense, idiots!” … As if we hadn’t just given up a defensive liability in Isaiah. All offseason everyone trashed Kyrie’s defensive ability. Now that the lights are on? A lot of those morons are keeping real quiet about that aspect of his game. Kyrie is trying on defense, and sometimes that’s all it takes to make it click. In Cleveland, I don’t think he was ever called upon to be a leader defensively because that’s what LeBron was for. Now that Kyrie is looking to be the man, he’s elevating the little things about his game.

Last night was fun, but even I know it’s not something we should all overreact to considering the Kings are trying to lose for the draft lottery. Still, there were so many positives from last night and the Celtics are winners of 6 in a row and have the best record in basketball. That’s not an overreaction, I am just stating the facts.

The big test comes Friday night… The Celtics roll into Oklahoma City and if you are a Boston sports fan then this is appointment television. This is the biggest test of the young season and a real measuring stick game to see how this team (sans Gordon Hayward) can stack up against elite teams in the NBA.




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