The Celtics lose Gordon Hayward, and we are not having fun. *Graphic Image*

“Holy shit, no”
I audibly yelled this in my living room last night, as I initially heard Kevin Harlan of TNT say “Gordon Hayward has broken his leg.” — I figured that feeling right there is the worst it would be.

Then in true nightmare fashion, the camera pans to Gordon Hayward and America saw this… *Graphic Image Below*


Jesus H. Christ, I almost threw up all over the room. Then my heart sank and I felt the biggest pit in my stomach. I hadn’t seen something like that since Kevin Ware’s injury where his bone literally came out of his leg. Immediately after seeing this, all the excitement and joy of a new Celtics season exit me like SuperMarket Sushi, quick and full of pain.

The official diagnoses per the Celtics medical staff is a dislocated ankle and fractured tibia.

I’m not going to beat around the bush, this is bad. Actually bad. Above all else, you just feel horrible for Gordon Hayward. The guy leaves Utah to find greener pastures (Bad joke), the Celtics trade for Kyrie, and if you watched the opening minutes of the game the Celtics looked SMOOTH on both ends of the floor. Gordon Hayward was about to flourish in a system he was already comfortable in, and just like that everything changes.

Also, if we (I) feel this bad about it all… Imagine how HE feels. He’s the one living it and I can’t imagine what that feels like.

Obviously, Hayward is out for the foreseeable future. It is known. Hayward was MedFlight’d back to Boston late last night to have surgery done by the equivalent of Dr. Strange pre-car accident. However, early signs have indicated that somehow some insane way Hayward could return this season.

According to Mike Gorman of NBCS Boston, the early indication is that this was a clean break with NO ligament or blood vessel damage which bodes well for the recovery timeline. The timetable that is floating around looks like 4-5 months per Dr. Chris Chihlas of Southcoast Health Orthopedic Surgery & Sports Medicine. That would put Hayward back on the floor around March since anytime you see a range of two, expect the latter.

I felt like this deserved it’s own post because it was that big of a blow to the team and honestly to the league. The Celtics season has changed dramatically. A write up of what this all means, and of course of the game is coming.

On behalf of every Celtics and basketball fan, hang in there Gordon. Hoping for a speedy recovery.


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