The Costco Brand Boston Celtics Stay Winning
Brad Stevens

The Celtics are a rag-tag bunch of misfits right now and that’s just the way they like it. This is the Costco Brand Celtics team right now riddled with injuries as the playoffs approach. Do you think that rattles their confidence going into games?


No Kyrie. No Jaylen. No Marcus Smart. No Theis.

You Don’t Want ZERO Problems With The Celtics

The Thunder learned earlier in the week and the TrailBlazers got a swift kick in their grassroots coffee shop teeth last night. This team doesn’t give a shit about who they do and do not have on the court.

When the ball tips they are going to play harder than the opposition. Those are the facts.

This isn’t anything new… The Celtics play hard no matter who is on the floor. Still, teams find a way to take them lightly. Opponents might come out with a big surge thinking the C’s will fold up shop and chalk it up to injuries.

WRONG WRONG WRONG. The C’s are the ones who knock.

They wait patiently as if they’re an older sibling having to take their younger brother to the park. The young gun is sprinting all around acting invincible trying to climb on everything they see while the older one jogs at a slow pace acting like they’re playing along.

Two hours later? The little one is passed out with a worm in its mouth in the backseat while the older one can go pick up THC cartridges from the “doctor” because they’ve earned some relaxation.

That is the Celtics every single night and I pray teams keep acting stupid so the fun can ride.

The Replacements

Marcus Morris and Terry Rozier… Oh, my goodness, gracious.

Do you want to talk about stepping up? Because I do.

These two have been off the charts during Injury SZN and honestly, it couldn’t come at a better time. Do I want half of the Celtics rotation to be injured right now? Absolutely not.

I want it to be clear that I want this team at full strength ALWAYS

BUT………… If these are the cards that are being dealt, it is PIVOTAL that guys like Morris and Rozier are heating up just as the playoffs begin. We have no idea who is going to be available for the playoffs. With these two playing at the level they are it definitely makes Celtics fans feel a lot better going into Round 1.

Smashing Through The Rookie Wall


The boy is THRIVING right now and I love every second of it. Tatum having this kind of freedom and liberty in Brad’s offense only makes him better as each game is played. We’ve been saying he’s a stud all season long but to see him bust through that notorious rookie wall like this has been impressive.

Where To Now?

The Celtics are essentially locked into the Number 2 seed in the East come playoff time. With that, I’m not so much worried about the W/L outcomes of these final games but rather how healthy the Celtics can get and how many minutes the second unit can put together.

Roles are changing and guys need to be ready. These final games are essentially Playoff Training Camp depending on who will be ready to go. The Celtics are going to file and be granted an injured player deferment from all their injuries so look for them to add a wing shooter if possible.

I really think they might put Scal in a uniform and give him 12 minutes a night.

Either way, what a time to be a Boston sports fan… The Patriots heartbreak still lingers but the weather is finally coming back around and we have the Celtics and Bruins cruising their way into the playoffs.

Buckle up. Let’s ride.



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