The Entire Marcus Smart Story Seems Off…

If you didn’t hear by now… We’ve apparently come to the end of the Marcus Smart hand injury mystery. According to this tweet, Smart threw a haymaker at one of those generic photos of a sailboat on the hotel wall and lacerated his hand.

Should be the end of this right? Case closed? Moving on…?


There’s just a lot of stuff here that doesn’t make sense to me. According to MULTIPLE reports, Smart flew back from LA to Boston with his entire arm in a sling.

Now, I’m no picture puncher… So forgive me if I’m off but I haven’t been able to think of a scenario where someone punches a picture frame and then their entire arms needs to be in a sling. It just doesn’t add up.

I was talking about this with a friend and he said he could have punched the frame and his fist met the beautiful infrastructure that is the hotel drywall and it messed with his shoulder… but even that doesn’t make sense to me.

It also should be noted that as all of this is going down… This Instagram “model” apparently posted a video of Marcus smoking the finest LA product and then took it down.

Is this all related? I have no idea all I can do is just envision Brad Stevens trying to wrap his head around all of this… Just imagine how much a square Brad’s going to look like when he’s being explained that this Instagram model is blasting Marcus.

I just see a lot of dad jokes about “smoking the reefer” followed by Angry Brad scolding him. I’d pay for that video.

Regardless if all of this is related, or if any of this stuff is even true… Smart is out two weeks and the Celtics play the Warriors tonight. Not ideal.


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