What the Celtics did last night was inspiring.

BOOM!!!! BAM!!!! BOP!!!!



I got up yesterday morning and the first thing on my mind was this game. All throughout my day job… I was thinking about this game. The entire drive home? This game.

Yesterday was all about this game. The Celtics streak was already validated by us fans and honestly anyone who understands how hard it is to win that many games in a row in the NBA no matter the “schedule” … Yet, there was still a group *cough cough* Charles Barkley who felt that the streak wasn’t legit and that the Celtics were due for an ass kicking against Golden State.

*Deep breath*

Shooting Blanks

The Celtics still haven’t figured this part out yet… Still near the bottom of the league in shooting percentage. Shot like GARBAGE last night. At one point the C’s were 15-52 from the field. I almost put my face through a wall.

It wasn’t even just a certain few from the team. Everyone was shooting horribly and it just didn’t seem like the Celtics were going to be able to hang in there. Really the only two players that shot decent (percentage-wise) were…

Al Horford (OF COURSE) 7-11 from the floor
Marcus Morris 4-10 from the floor

Since the Celtics couldn’t hit anything in sight, they were behind as many as 17 points in this game. Many times it felt as if the game was heading straight for a blowout… but we know this team way better than that.


The Boston Celtics do not quit. They don’t know how to quit. The most amazing thing about this team is that no matter what happens they always trust what Brad is doing and saying. The system will not fail if the Celtics go out there and execute and that’s what they did.

Want to know how they got back into this game? Defense and free throws.

The C’s didn’t shoot one free throw in the first-quarter… The next three quarters they shot 33-38 from the line. 33 made free throws is BANANA LAND. The Celtics forced the issue and didn’t settle for bad jumpers once they got going. They got Golden State into the penalty and took advantage.

The defense was insanity… The Warriors average 119 actual points per basketball game. STUPID AMAZING ON OFFENSE… The Warriors scored 88 points last night, 31 under their average. That is INCREDIBLE defense being played by the C’s. Look at this…

Steph Curry & Klay Thompson COMBINED
8-32 from the floor
5-20 from three
22 points




When this game was about to get out of hand, Jaylen Brown saved the Celtics. He made plays on both ends of the floor ALL NIGHT LONG. He was a rebounding beast. He was blocking Kevin Durant jump shots (which is practically impossible) and he took over the third-quarter with 10 points in that frame alone.


Down the stretch, there were several moments where the Warriors did their usual thing in which they hit a couple dagger threes and it looks like they’re going to flip the switch and take the game back over.

The Celtics didn’t give a shit. Unfazed.

The Celtics fear NOBODY and they made that quite clear last night. Every time Golden State punched, they punched back harder.

Al Horford continued his dream season with 18 points, 11 rebounds on 7-11 shooting and was a constant force all night long. Marcus Morris is still hitting incredibly tough shots in times where the C’s need an offensive spark.

Jayson Tatum showed up late to the game but his drives to the basket and free throws in the final minute to seal the game up were amazing to see.

But… Wait for it………


Kyrie did NOT play well the first three-quarters of this game, and honestly, when it came to shooting from the floor down the stretch he wasn’t incredible either but Kyrie did make some amazingly tough shots including a ridiculous And-One late in the game.

Kyrie got to the line over and over again to finish this game (even though the last call was questionable) and he stuck his free throws when they counted the most.

On To The Next One

HERE WE ARE… It’s insane to believe that the Celtics pulled that one out last night considering they shot like garbage (again) and Golden State is that good.

This team is special and it was shown once again last night… on National TV.

14 in a row and we haven’t seen this kind of basketball here in Boston since the Doc Days. I’ll take Brad.

The C’s are back at it again in Atlanta Saturday night… but let’s enjoy this one for a bit… We all deserve it.

SUCK IT, WARRIORS************


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