3 Solid Reasons Why It’s The Best Time To Be A Boston Sports Fan.

Reason 1: The Patriots are Super Bowl bound (again)

The fact that we are able to sit here and say that the Patriots going to the Super Bowl almost every year is a formality is NUTS. That’s crazy town, and I love it.

Bill, Tommy, and the boys are heading to Minneapolis to try and finish the job yet again. What baffles me about this team is their inability to be affected by anything that happens negatively to them in a football game.

When Dion Lewis put that ball on the ground on that insane trick play, I started to pick which section of the brick wall in my apartment I was going to bash my head into.

The Patriots proceeded to do what they always do… Tom ripped Jacksonville’s heart out and threw it to Danny Amendola in the back of the end zone.

You know the rest. They’re going back to the Super Bowl with the chance to win their 3rd in 4 years… Which is essentially a chance to bookend duplicate what they did to start this ridiculous run.

2001, 2003, 2004 — 2014, 2016, (2017)
That would be insanity… We are spoiled, and that’s reason one of three as to why it’s the best time to be a Boston Sports fan.

Reason 2: The Celtics are the best team in the East

I know the Celtics have had a little skid, they’ve lost four in a row and people are asking if there’s something actually wrong with them.

Luckily… All people have to do is look at the Cleveland Cavaliers right now and then laugh until their stomach hurts and all is well.

It’s one thing that the Celtics are at the top of the East, that’s awesome and they deserve to be there…

BUT — You can’t sit there and say it’s not AMAZING to see all these stories about how the Cavs absolutely hate each other and can’t stop yelling at each other. Then when they aren’t yelling at each other they’re giving up 348 points per game.

So many Cleveland fans who say “Boston fans have such a complex with Cleveland lol, what a bunch of losers they have to root for us to be bad.”

Umm… Yes, you imbecile. THAT IS WHAT IT IS ABOUT. Am I supposed to sit here quietly while your basketball team (THE RIVAL) unravels and LeBron starts to pack his bags for Los Angeles?? NOPE. I am HERE FOR IT.

It’s just so odd, the Cavs always slump at some point every season but this is so different and it’s so much fun. Kyrie and the Celtics are vibing and understand that their losing skid will be figured out, while Cleveland is about to light Quicken Loans Arena on fire if JR Smith shoots another one off the side of the backboard.

That’s reason number two.


The Boston Bruins have the third-best record in the National Hockey League… That is not a typo and it’s not a fluke either.

The Bruins are bowling over just about everyone in their path and it’s freaking incredible to watch.

In their last 17 games… The B’s are 14-0-3. That is ABSURD.

The awesome thing about this Bruins team? The balance. They aren’t going to kill you with their top 2 offensive lines that do all of their scoring. They have 4 solid lines that Bruce Cassidy can trot out onto the ice and that line will contribute.

For a season where early on, many had the Bruins cooked and many were wondering if it was time to blow the core of this team up… The attitude has now changed to what kind of piece can this team add at the trade deadline to gear up for a run at the Cup.

That’s reason number 3.

I mean there you have it, folks. Those are three solid reasons as to why it’s an incredible time to be a fan of Boston Sports. Could it all come crashing down and burn before our eyes?

You better believe it. That is why no matter how much chirping you hear from other cities about how we are a bunch of spoiled fans you sit there and say “You’re right” and then carry on… Enjoy it, because it’s the best while it’s here.




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