According to the NCAA, the Louisville Cardinals did NOT win the 2013 National Title…

On this week’s episode of the NCAA being the weirdest joke on the planet…

The Louisville men’s basketball team lost their appeal and must “vacate” their 2013 National Championship win.

Allow me to sound off for one second…


I’m not joking. Forget all the weird and horrible investigations and indictments the NCAA makes on players. Forget the fact that they sometimes tell college athletes they can’t accept free food.

The vacation of awards and titles is the dumbest thing of all time to me.

“Uh, hey everyone in the world… We’re just gonna need to act like you didn’t watch this team win the entire tournament. Never happened.” — The NCAA

I understand the scandal(s), it makes sense that Louisville didn’t win their appeal… but please enlighten me as to what this is going to do?

They have to take the banner down? Sick burn. They have to give back the trophy? Aw, man.

If only we had some sort of worldwide network that we could use to access thousands of pictures and videos that documented the 2013 NCAA Tournament…………..

See why this doesn’t make any sense? Good, welcome to the right side of the argument.

Kevin Ware said it best, folks…

Well said, Kevin… You may have made the entire world throw up with what happened to your leg on national TV… but you got that ring. Never give it back.


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