Adam Silver: Pro Sport’s Best Commissioner
Adam Silver

We’re all coming off a long weekend. There’s always that mixture of feelings when you return from a long weekend.

There’s this feeling of wanting just one more day, but also this feeling of knowing you’re on a short week. The give and the take indeed.

If you’re a basketball fan, you tuned in throughout the weekend for the NBA’s All-Star festivities. Truth be told, All-Star Weekend used to be my favorite thing.

I used to get so amped up for the entire weekend and all the competitions. Obviously, it’s nothing of what it used to be and despite some duds in the skills competitions……

The NBA nailed it with the actual All-Star Game.

I was actually interested in the game. Players actually tried. They wanted to win. DEFENSE WAS PLAYED. I could go on and on about the game meaning something but the whole weekend just spoke to something bigger.

Adam Silver is by far the best commissioner in professional sports.

Granted it’s not even close, or even much of a competition. You have Roger Goodell who I’m convinced is trying his hardest to see just how bad he can perform while also increasing his pay year after year.

You have Rob Manfred who I honestly don’t mind… but also just doesn’t do much for me. When baseball games are 9 hours long, that’s on you.


So, yes… The classroom of commissioners looks like when I got put into “assisted” math class in 6th grade where I just got asked how many Snickers I’d have left if there were 5 on my desk and the teacher took two… I’d have 5 because you ain’t stealing shit from this tub of Crisco.

I digress… Adam Silver deserves to be commended because he’s not this old man who yells at clouds when it comes to potential changes to his league.

The All-Star Game sucked… He put together a team and they changed it.

NBA players wear funky styles and colors on their sneakers every single night that sometimes don’t match the uniform colors… He’s cool with it.

He’s critical of owners when they overstep the boundaries (Donald Sterling) and makes sure to make an example out of bigots (Donald Sterling). Silver supports players in their social conquests and does an incredible job of working WITH players and not against them.

Throughout the weekend there were talks of shortening the NBA schedule and changing the playoff format to a potential 16-seed tournament. There would be play-in games and incentives for trying to make the playoffs through draft pick rewards. I think that’s awesome.

ADAM SILVER IS PRO GAMBLING. He’s not some idiot who refuses to believe that it exists… He wants to find ways to implement it into the fan experience. That alone should win him the crown.

These are all the kinds of suggestions we come up with when we’re talking to each other at the bar. They are common sense things that we think of but just refuse to believe anyone in the league with power will act on. Adam Silver is spearheading the movement.

The NFL is the perfect example of that.

Are there still glaring issues in the NBA? Of course. Every league has its own flaws.

Still, I think there needs to be a round of applause for Silver. He might look like he’s going to try and take over the world Pinky and the Brain style, but he’s one hell of a commish.


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