Alex Smith Is Heading To D.C. – Redskins Are Becoming The Browns
Alex Smith

Alex Smith is now the quarterback of the Washington Redskins. Yes, you read that correctly. Alex Smith is going to be the quarterback of a team that already had a quarterback.

Just when you thought Dan Snyder and Bruce Allen couldn’t be more inept… They go and knock one right out of the damn park.

Andy Reid went and fleeced the Redskins by dumping off his average quarterback and in return receives arguably the best defensive player on the Redskins defense this past season in Kendall Fuller (Josh Norman was garbage this year).

The Deal

The deal is essentially a straight up player for player trade because the draft pick that the Chiefs get will turn into 50 different things with the compensatory rules.

Chiefs Get: Kendall Fuller, Redskins 3rd round pick.
Redskins Get: Alex Smith

That’s it right? That’s all we have to joke about, right? There’s no way this can get funnier, right?



On top of trading for a quarterback who is both OLDER and statistically WORSE than your current quarterback, the Redskins really did their best Billy Mays’ impression “BUT WAIT THERE’S MORE” and gave Alex Smith a contract extension.

“Extensions aren’t that bad, Seth… what was the deal?”

4 years
94 million dollars
71 million dollars GUARANTEED


You seriously cannot make this stuff up. It’s literally a Curb Your Enthusiasm episode starring Dan Snyder and his joke of a team. I’m not saying Kirk Cousins was the Messiah by any means but nothing really shows your lack of commitment to winning than giving an older and worse quarterback money over your proven commodity.

What about Kirk?

This is the best part… What about Kirk? Kirk Cousins is going to cash in wherever he goes. It’s clear that the Redskins have brain damage and didn’t want to continue with the guy. I am personally a Cousins guy, I think he has what it takes to be a franchise guy if he has the talent around him.

Your guess is as good as mine, but I think Kirk goes to the Browns. Cleveland can pay him all the money in the world and then spend their 1st round picks on elite rookies. It just seems like a situation that he can ride with because ANYTHING will be an improvement to Brown’s fans.

It would be an all-time story if the Redskins turn into the Browns and at the same time Kirk Cousins goes to Cleveland and turns the Browns into a real franchise again. That’s the perfect script.

All in all…

This is just a nice hilarious break in between all of the Super Bowl. Dan Snyder and Bruce Allen are just clowns of epic proportions. I really hope they enjoy watching Alex Smith check the ball down to Chris Thompson for years to come.


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