“What’s the best bet you ever made?”

I get that question every now and again. Either that or greatest betting story and they’re both the same question to me. Mine came when I was in 6th grade. It was the 2006 NBA Finals.

The Miami Heat were taking on the Dallas Mavericks. Dwyane Wade throughout these playoffs… It was the kind of stuff that would make Jesus come back a day early. D-Wade and Shaq my goodness gracious. This was the time period in my life where I absolutely idolized Dwyane Wade. I thought he was the next Jordan. The way he played basketball was mesmerizing. A friend of mine who was really into the Mavs and Dirk Nowitzki at the time proposed the bet. Mavs beat the Heat in the Finals for 50 bucks. SOLD! Couldn’t have been more confident.

If you remember anything from that series, you’d remember the Heat went down 0-2 and the world thought the title was sewn up for the Mavs… NOT YOUR BOY. Enter buddy number two, who proposed the same bet of the Mavs winning the series… For 50 dollars… The Mavs already being up 2-0. He got a two-game head start. SOLD SOLD SOLD.

When I say the best bet of my life, I do mean this was the most idiotic thing I ever did with a wager. Doubling down on a Heat team down 0-2 in the NBA Finals is MVP level stupid. I was also 12 years old and stupid is as stupid does. Whenever I think back to it I have no idea what prompted me to take another round of Series Go F Yourself financing from my friend, but I also use to think Hollister brand clothing would make me cool in that time… It didn’t.

The Heat came back to win the entire series. Dwyane Wade wins Finals MVP and I made 100 dollars… Which if you follow the middle school value calculator that was equivalent to 5 million dollars. What a time to be alive… in 2006. BACK TO FOOTBALL HERE WE GO WITH THE PICKS

Carolina Panthers +1 at Tampa Bay Buccaneers — 10 units
I think Cam Newton is going to have a monster day. The Bucs cannot play any kind of defense and ANGRY GRUMPY CAM IS IN THE BUILDING. After Cam had issues in his last press conference he came out and took over. I expect the same. Tampa Bay is 30th in the league in pass defense. Carolina is 4th in the league in passing defense. I think Winston stays contained. Wam Bam Cam on Sunday for me.

Dallas Cowboys -2 at Washington Redskins — 5 units
On this week’s episode of “Is Zeke Elliott playing?” the answer is yes, yes he is. The Washington Redskins are bad. Seriously that defense cannot stop a nosebleed. You see what Philly did to them? Murder. Washington is in the top 10 in rushing defense, but sitting at 16 in pass defense. I think their issue is just dealing with balanced offensive attacks. Zeke is a problem with that offensive line in front of him and Dak won’t make too many mistakes tomorrow. Cowboy up.

Pittsburgh Steelers -3 at Detroit Lions — 5 units
Hey idiot… It’s a trap. You betcha it is but I’m betting right into it. The Steelers are actually back and it scares the shit out of me as a Patriots fan down the road. Ben looks like himself again. Le’Veon Bell and Antonio Brown are one of, if not the, best shows in football. Everyone says “Ben can’t play on the road!” and yes that has some traction… but he’s in a dome. I think the Steelers keep it rolling. 


Philadelphia Eagles vs San Francisco 49ers OVER 45 — 5 units

Pittsburgh Steelers vs Detroit Lions OVER 46.5 — 5 units


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