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It’s been a SHITTY week when it comes to NFL news. It honestly just seems like it’s been a crappy season when it comes to the NFL as a whole. It’s still as entertaining as ever don’t get me wrong.

I think it just sucks when all of these high profile players go down for the season with terrible injuries. Also, the anthem which I just don’t even want to get into because everyone has made sure to give you their opinion on the matter. We all just need to get back to enjoying the game. Leave everything else out of it and enjoy your Sunday with some football on TV.

Want to know how I try to enjoy it more? You guessed it! Here comes the context! BETTING SOME SUNDAY GAMES BABY! LET’S GO!

Denver Broncos +8 @ Philadelphia Eagles —– 5 units
I know what you’re thinking… The Broncos suck eggs. They have, I’ll give you that… But Brock Osweiler is back in the saddle of the Denver offense and he knows what he’s doing. Do I think Brock Osweiler is a great quarterback? No, absolutely not. Do I think he is capable of keeping this game close before losing on a Jake Elliot field goal? You betcha. The Denver defense I think finds a way to pull it together. Without Jason Peters on the O-Line for the Eagles, I think Von Miller has an easier time getting to Wentz. I like the Broncos to cover.

Atlanta Falcons @ Carolina Panthers +2 —– 5 units
The Falcons are coming off a narrow win against the Jets. The offense put up 25 points but it just hasn’t seemed to really take off yet. The Panthers are no joke on defense this year when it comes to yards allowed. Carolina is 4th in the league in rush yards allowed and 3rd in the league in pass yards allowed. I think the pass rush of the Panthers causes fits for Matt Ryan. I expect Cam to make enough plays.

Oakland Raiders -3 @ Miami Dolphins —– 10 units
Look, the Dolphins are just flat out horrible. Dumpster fires everywhere inside that organization. Even if Jay Cutler plays… It’s still Jay Cutler playing. The Raiders have been inconsistent as well this season but talk about a great opponent to get it right against. I like the Raiders big.


Life’s too short to bet the under! … OVERS OF THE WEEK!

Washington Redskins @ Seattle Seahawks — OVER 45 (3 units)

Cincinnati Bengals @ Jacksonville Jaguars — OVER 39 (3 units)


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