Could Calvin Cambridge from Like Mike have played D1 College Basketball?

Like Mike was one of my absolute favorite movies growing up. I think I’ve seen it over 200 times and that’s lowballing it. I saw it the first day it came out in theaters with my Grandfather and it’s a memory I’ve got tucked away for good.

For those of you who have no idea what the movie Like Mike is… This probably isn’t the post for you.

FOR THOSE WHO KNOW… I ask the all-important question.

Could Calvin have played D1 ball?

We remember the end of the movie vividly (at least I do)… Calvin’s magic MJ sneakers get torn up in a game to qualify for the playoffs. He loses all of his MOJO but still finds a way to make the assist to Tracey Reynolds for the game-winner at the buzzer.


Calvin Cambridge now sucks again and is Bow-Wow kid short.

The very end of the movie, though? Calvin and his boy Murph get adopted by pro-star Tracey Reynolds and they move into Tracey’s dope house in LA and live happily ever after.

Now the answer to my own question? YES! YES, HE COULD HAVE!

Just look at the GOLD MINE this kid basically got out of the whole thing. Yes, he’s no longer filthy at basketball because of the shoes… but he still got a BUNCH of pro-experience.


Imagine the training sessions? The grinds? Murph sitting on the side of the court asking to play but Tracey tells him to keep the score?

I think Cambridge had the heart and the resources at his disposal to keep working on the game of basketball. He had the Staples Center as his own practice facility for years to come after the Knights made the playoffs and then probably got swept in the first-round.

That’s why I think, despite his height… Bow Wow never ended up being that tall anyway. He could have played D1.



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