The Eagles Players Have Colds, Belichick Strikes Again!

According to a couple of reports, some players of the Philadelphia Eagles are a little under the weather.

Just when you thought Bill Belichick couldn’t be more diabolical, he does it again.

Remain Calm

Am I being facetious? Yup.
Do I constantly try to find ways to use the word “facetious”? You bet your ass I do.
Big words for a big-time brain.

Obviously, this is an exaggeration. There is no way that Bill Belichick had Ernie Adams launch a biological attack on the Philadelphia Eagles roster just days before the big game… Right?


I honestly don’t see this as being a big story either. This is when you truly know that America is starving for the Super Bowl. There’s literally nothing left to write about that matters.

Have you ever done anything with a cold?

Yes. I have. It sucks.

A lot of players on the Philadelphia Eagles missed their media availability due to this reported illness that’s spreading through the team but I’m such a jaded NFL viewer that I don’t even buy it at this point.

Do you know how shady NFL teams are with just about everything they do? Yes, the Patriots included.

I’m seriously over here looking like Charlie Day with my conspiracy board up wondering if this is even true or not…

Charlie Board

I’m seriously at the point where teams are saying “the players are sick” just so they don’t have to deal with stupid media questions anymore.

I don’t blame them if that is the case… I would do the same exact thing.

They probably are sick though…

Yeah, I know. I’m just sick and tired of waiting for this game. I can’t even imagine what the players are feeling, it seriously has felt like 10 years since the Conference Championship games.

Everyone just wants the game and most people just want the game because of the commercials.

If the Philadelphia Eagles are battling colds right now, don’t expect it to be any sort of factor on Sunday. It’s the NFL, there’s a pill for everything.



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  1. This isn’t the first time the Pats have used biological warfare in the Super Bowl. How can we forget last year when they put gaseous Nyquil in the air vents of the Falcons locker room during half-time?

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