FOOTBALL FRIDAYS: The Kiko Alonso hit…


I feel like this had to be talked about. I’m not going to be one of those LOSERS who says “Football is evil! Wah wah wah! Hard hits!” I’m going to let you in on something that’s revolutionary. You can love football BUT ALSO cringe at how violent it is. It’s not the beautiful game, it’s the violent game.

Holy. Shit.

This was ugly, and there’s a lot to break down. I’ve read and heard so much about this hit today and it’s probably right to address everything.

First, Kiko Alonso said that Joe Flacco slid a little bit on the late side and he couldn’t let up. BULL SHIT. Does Flacco go down a little late? Yup. Does that mean that Kiko Alonso had to downward torpedo as if he’s Thor’s goddamn hammer? NOPE. I guess that’s what Alonso has to say though… What did you expect him to say? It’s such a weak cop out and anyone who thinks this wasn’t a dirty hit because “Flacco slid late” you don’t get it.

Second… Ahem… WHY WAS KIKO ALONSO NOT THROWN OUT OF THE FOOTBALL GAME? You want to talk about a no-brainer? THIS IS A NO-BRAINER. YOU CANNOT DO THAT. Eliminate the fact that the Ravens won by 50 million points and the Dolphins suck eggs… Look at this tradeoff. On that play, the Dolphins were given a 15-yard penalty and the Ravens were given a dead quarterback. Look below…


That’s Bernie Madoff who screwed so many people out of their entire life-savings because he’s a greedy piece of garbage who deserves to rot in hell… If you showed him that hit and told him the outcome EVEN HE would say “Ohh… That’s a screw job”

If that hit happens, you get tossed. No question. Marshawn Lynch JUST LAST WEEK ran onto the field and made contact with an official and he was ejected (rightfully) but when a quarterback gets completely railroaded when trying to make the safe play it’s just a 15-yard penalty? Get the hell out of here.

At the end of it all, the refs missed this one and I have to assume a suspension is coming for Kiko Alonso. He has to be suspended and honestly, that officiating crew needs to catch some kind of actual punishment for not being able to get that one right.

Football, particularly the NFL are an inelastic product. For those who never took economics, that means (essentially) that no matter how big of a change/occurrence the product (NFL Football) deals with, it will still find a way to thrive. Hits like these aren’t going to drive me away from the game. However, I can’t really argue against somebody who might not be into football in the first place, then sees something like that, and is immediately turned off by the league.


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