Highlights From Super Bowl Media Night

Last night was the official kickoff to Super Bowl week with players and coaches from both teams meeting with thousands of media members.

I always found Super Bowl media sessions to be fascinating… Obviously, everything is amplified because this is the big game and it’s the last football we have until the draft. It’s for sure a huge night.

With that said, it baffles me how much of a joke it can turn into. You have the regular sports journalists who are there to try and get any significant information related to the game and then you have…

Always ask the important questions. The first rule of journalism (I think, I probably made that up). A+ answer from Tom.

Then you have the most James Harrison answer of all time to a question regarding tickets.

Just imagine being a sibling of an NFL player playing in the Super Bowl and you have to be a sucker like the rest of the public forking over 1000+ actual dollars to go watch your sibling play.

Then you have a really valuable and relatable look into the big-dude lifestyle.

This was seriously the most relatable thing of the night. As the resident fat guy, I am here for this answer. We love the cold. I sweat just from existing, so if I can catch a break with the cold so I can wear a shirt that isn’t black or white I’m amped.

Pair that with the face shield that is a beard? Great answer.

Quick update to see how the Eagles are faring with the fans!

“How many Eagles fans..?!?!”

Then you have the answers that hit you right in the feels.

Bill wearing his Dad’s hat coming off the plane (and the hat is bad ass) is just a cool nod. Bill and his pops were obviously very very close if you’ve watched any doc on Bill ever. Really nice tribute there.

Finishing off with this nice bit from Carson Wentz.

You have to feel for Carson Wentz. Obviously, I want the Patriots to win this Super Bowl more than any Super Bowl but I’m no monster.

Wentz had an incredible year and if he were in this game, the Eagles wouldn’t be as big of underdogs as they are right now.

This guy, this early in his career to be BALLING and then blow his knee out just sucks. It’s nice to see him give honest answers about using this experience to propel him forward.

There you have it…

Super Bowl opening night just a few highlights. We all were obviously cheated out of even more highlights because Gronk wasn’t available, but what can you do?


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