I hope Kyrie Irving & LeBron James put on a SHOW together during the All-Star Game.

What?! You do? Why? Traitor!


We all know by now that LeBron drafted Kyrie to his team for the All-Star game coming up in February. It was the perfect pick for writers needing material and honestly, Cleveland needs something to write about other than the fact that they STINK.

Still, it’s appropriate to ask why I would want Kyrie and LeBron to dazzle together during the game. Wouldn’t I rather have Kyrie not give the ball to LeBron AT ALL during the game? Just ice him out and go one-on-one the entire time.

Nope. Wrong.

You see, over the past couple of months, I’ve just learned that it’s best to show people that they were wrong by keeping your mouth shut, focusing on accomplishing your shit, and proving to people that they were wrong through results.

This All-Star game is a perfect opportunity to showcase that for Kyrie… At least before the playoffs.

I want Kyrie to be throwing lobs to LeBron, running flawless pick-and-roll, and precision cuts to the basket like you read about.

If these two put on a show together, LeBron just has to sit there and take it. He has to acknowledge that maybe he shouldn’t have been such a pompous hard-nosed douche to Kyrie and to maybe make a concerted effort to let the kid boogie.

I know it’s coming, so let me address it. If you honestly think that LeBron did everything he could to compromise with Kyrie and believe all the things he said about “trying to do as much as he could for the kid” then you are a sheep.

This couldn’t have unfolded any better because once they do dominate together on the court again, LeBron is going to regret the falling out. What does that accomplish in the long run??????

Nothing at all, but who are we to deny ourselves that little bit of fun at the expense of LeBron James… Who I am worried about?

Kevin Love… He’s going to get yelled at again for something to do with this All-Star game and I am worried about his life.


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