In No Surprise To ANYONE… The NCAA Is Run By The Scum Of The Earth.

When I wrote a couple days ago about Larry Nassar’s sentencing I said that this was still a long way from being over… I wish I was wrong about that.

I wasn’t… It wasn’t a hard thing to be right about. Everyone pretty much thought the same thing I did and that’s basically “Where there’s a monster, there’s someone who could have done something earlier.”

Who is that someone that could have done something?



Jesus Christ, look at this squid… He looks like the actual love child of Donald Trump and Sean Hannity. That’s not political, it’s just an observation… and a good one if I do say so myself.

Mike Emmert is the current President of the NCAA… but that won’t be for much longer.


Emmert was personally informed about 37… YES, 37 athlete sexual assault cases at Michigan State University alone back in the year 2010.

You know what he did about those 37 cases? Think about how much Robert Kardashian did for OJ and his trial to get him out of it… Now think of the EXACT OPPOSITE of that.

That’s what Emmert did… Nothing at all.

You want to know what the NCAA was concerned about back in 2010 that was more important than people’s lives being ruined?

The NCAA was more concerned with Ohio State football players getting free tattoos… That’s the NCAA in a nutshell.

I’ve figured it all out though… It all kind of makes sense. We read all of these stories about how ridiculous the NCAA is regarding athletes that they make billions of dollars off of. The athletes are penalized for the most ridiculous things in the world and it’s always a headline.

The NCAA does this because they’re trying to make it look like they are doing ANYTHING. By cracking down on every kid that gets a free sandwich from a street vendor, they don’t have to face the actual problems that their organization faces like I don’t know, sexual assault…

They fill up their time with the nonsense because they know that they will win every single time… They can fall back on the ridiculous rulebook that they update daily in Google Drive but when it comes to the real issues… Nothing

The NCAA has always been a joke, let’s just hope this piece of garbage gets his due.




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