Jimmy Garoppolo Is The Highest Paid Player In Football
Jimmy G

In the midst of the NBA Trade Deadline madness, some Jimmy Garoppolo news just broke.

The terms have just been released. 5 years $137 million for Jimmy Garoppolo.

Good For Jimmy

Quarterbacks everywhere are applauding this deal because it just helps their market.

Jimmy Garoppolo is currently running around San Francisco with his shirt off yelling and screaming with joy. Good Lord that is a big chunk of change for the dude.

There was never any doubt that the 49ers were going to let Jimmy get away. This deal is no surprise.

Alright, it’s a little surprising. Jimmy is now the highest paid player in the National Football League. I’ll be the first to admit that I didn’t expect that kind of deal.

Not For Long

We all know how these deals go. He is the highest paid player for now. There will be another deal soon that will knock him down a couple of pegs.

It’s just nuts to see how this has all played out with Jimmy G. His surprise exit from Foxborough to leading the 49ers to a bunch of wins as a starter. Now he is finally getting paid.

It’ll be interesting to see what kind of long-term extension the Patriots did offer him that he rejected.

I’m really happy and will always be a Jimmy Garoppolo fan. I still have dreams of him taking the reigns over from Tom when he decides to retire and then I wake up clutching my pillow thinking of happier times in my life…

But I digress.

What’s Next?

The 49ers still have a ton of cap space and can go acquire a ton of talent this off-season while still building through the draft.

Jimmy is going to continue to be a stud. He now has the kind of deal that forces him to be a stud every game. The 49ers are on the right path and I know Patriots fans will always have a rooting interest for Jimmy whenever he’s not facing off against the Pats.

Go get ’em Jimmy. Best of luck.



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