Lane Johnson Can Say Whatever He Wants
Lane Johnson

Lane Johnson has blown up the news cycle lately. His interview with the Big J Journo’s of Pardon My Take took the world by storm.

If you didn’t hear the interview Lane Johnson had some words about the New England Patriots organization. Then, the entire world decided to go insane.


Lane Johnson claims that the Patriots are a fear-based organization. He goes on to say that players are miserable when playing there, and when they leave they find that their new team is usually a more laid-back scene.

Here’s the thing. He’s not wrong when saying this.

Is Lane Johnson 100% right on everything? Absolutely not.

Still, he most certainly isn’t wrong about the fear that sits inside some players within the Patriots organization. We have all known the score for MANY years now as Patriots fans. The New England Patriots operate in a way where if you do not perform, you will be replaced.


Let’s talk about the levels of misery. There are many different levels to it. Here is where Lane Johnson kind of went out of bounds.

Johnson said he would rather win 1 Super Bowl having a blast than be miserable and win 5 Super Bowls. I want to be fair and fair I shall be, Lane Johnson did say “not to be reckless” before this.

If you follow the Ricky Bobby rules of “With all due respect” then it’s gravy. Plus, we all have to understand that this is a Barstool interview where it’s more of a relaxed hang out than a hard-hitting interview. This is why Barstool is taking over the world, and ESPN is left writing about all their interviews.

I digress. The issue I had with this comment is that I don’t think it exists. Please find me someone who has won 5 Super Bowls and ask them if they were miserable during the time they won them. There is no person on this planet that would rather win 1 Super Bowl than 5.

You cannot. That person does not exist.


I do understand the point Lane Johnson is trying to make. He’s essentially saying that the Patriot way isn’t the only way to win championships.

He’s absolutely right. Teams can win under different formulas. The Patriots have just found a way to consistently do it better than anyone for years. Some players want to play in an environment where they know that can be in the best position to win. Some players want to be in a fun environment where they might be in a position to win.

There’s nothing wrong with either.

The Winner Plays

At the end of all of this… Nobody should have a problem with what Lane Johnson is saying.

You know why? He won. The Eagles won. If the Patriots had won that game and somehow a comment like this came out from the opposing side, we would be laughing at it.

The only reason everyone has themselves twisted up is that the Patriots lost. If you want to control the airwaves and narrative, win the game.

I don’t make the rules, they are just there. If you win, you get to do all the chirping. I just hope there’s more to come.

There is nothing I want more than for some sort of comment like this to come out every single week until next season. The Patriots thrive on this kind of stuff. I guarantee Bill is having canvas prints saying “MISERABLE” put up all over the facility.

I miss football…


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