NBA All-Stars Are Falling Left & Right. Team LeBron Is Cursed.
LeBron James and Steph Curry - All-Star Game Captains

If you weren’t paying attention to what was going on around the NBA last night… or really the past week and a half. Everyone on team LeBron is dying.

It started with Demarcus Cousins of the New Orleans Pelicans who ruptured his Achilles and is now done for the year.

I was watching this live and although it wasn’t anything that you would normally cringe or grimace at… You just knew once Boogie hit the floor, he wasn’t getting back up without some help. Just before this he pulled down a key offensive rebound and got the and-one in a win over the Rockets.

Done for the year, and Team LeBron is now down one all-star.

Then we found out a couple days ago that Washington Wizards superstar John Wall is going back under the knife (again) for his knee. This is the same knee that he’s had problems with for multiple seasons and he’s going to be out 2 months.

Team LeBron is now down two all-stars.

Then… Well, then there was last night.

No!!!! Kevin, no!!!!!!!!!!!!

Kevin Love has ascended into my top 3 NBA players I root for (outside of the Celtics) because of everything that’s happened to him with the mess that is his basketball team.

Something goes wrong? Blame Kevin Love.
McDonald’s forgot to hold the pickles on your burger? BLAME KEVIN LOVE.

Cleveland is blaming everything on K-Love and he’s just been riding with it. He throws his warmup on his teammates and patronizes Isaiah Thomas right on the court. I loved every single bit of it.

Then this happens, I wouldn’t be surprised if LeBron & Company put a hit out on the guy. He has a fractured left hand now and is supposed to be out 6-8 weeks.

Team LeBron is now down three all-stars.

Don’t get it twisted, LeBron James made the basketball Gods mad and he’s paying the price. One-quarter of his all-star team got hurt AND one of those guys is the second best player on his actual team.

I really hope for the best for all three of these guys. The league is so much better when you have its superstars healthy and balling.

Just some advice for the rest of the NBA’s stars… For your health… Don’t hang with LeBron as much for now.

PS – If Kyrie gets hurt, that’s it for me… Curtains.



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