I Need LeBron James On The Warriors Like I Need Air In My Lungs
LeBron James

I almost feel like LeBron James is becoming the gift that keeps on giving.

In a gigantic drop on the heads of the basketball world, it’s being widely reported that if the Golden State Warriors were to create a max contract slot on their roster… LeBron James would be interested in meeting with them and working something out.


I won’t get too ahead of myself because we all know how reliable “sources” can be. I have no idea how something like this could leak out of LeBron James camp or really how it would come up… but I’m past that and just before being all in.

Why? Why do you want this?

“Seth, you idiot… Do you really want this? It’ll ruin the NBA!”

Yup and you should too.

Throughout my entire life I have been surrounded by “LeBron Defenders”

I have always maintained that LeBron is just a fraud who could never EVER eclipse Michael Jordan in terms of legacy. Is LeBron James the best basketball player on the planet? Yes, he sure is. I will never EVER argue against that.

Is he also a fragile drama queen who seeks the easy route? Yes, he sure is.

When Kevin Durant left and joined the Warriors, people called him a snake of epic proportions. Most of these people were LeBron defenders and when everyone would point out that James did the same exact thing it was met with this…

“LeBron didn’t just get beat by a team in the playoffs and then joined that exact team! It’s way different!”

It’s not different. LeBron created the Heat super team to beat the Celtics and it worked. Kevin Durant went to the Warriors to win a title, and it worked.

Do you see where I’m heading?

No? Alright, I’ll do better.

If LeBron James goes to the Warriors he is forfeiting his legacy as the greatest player to ever play the game of basketball. I truly mean that.

To me, the term “GOAT” doesn’t just encompass statistics. Being the GOAT takes in your legacy and how you went about your career. If LeBron jumps ship from Cleveland and joins the already incredible Warriors team that he just couldn’t get past in the Finals… It’s curtains for that legacy.

Would they win a bunch of titles? Absolutely. Is it going to be horrible for basketball? You bet.

Yet, it would be so much fun for all of these LeBron twitter avatars to have no legs left to stand on when it comes to defending this guy.

What about the Celtics?!?!

What about them? Yes, this would suck for the Celtics chances of winning a title

But picture this…

What if they beat them…

Just imagine it. Imagine the Celtics adding to their existing core, making a few blockbuster deals, and making a run at these guys. If the Celtics were to somehow beat the Warriors with Curry, Durant, and LeBron James on their roster… That title to me is worth 5.

Longshot? Yes. Worth it? YES.

I understand that this would be a horrible move for the game of basketball, and I hope you understand that I am being facetious here (kind of)…

Still, if LeBron James is in the Bay Area next year… He should have to wear clown makeup every game.


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  1. Lebron is overrated. Give me Jason Terry or Joakim Noah over Lebron every day of the week and twice on Sundays.

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