Russell Westbrook Pushes Fan. Fan Escapes With Life.
Russell (slam online)

Russell Westbrook made some headlines last night, huh?

You see that fan, folks? That is the luckiest person on the planet right now.

Taking Sides

There is only one side to take here and if you don’t take it, you are a loser of the highest order.

“Well what side is it, genius”
I will tell you.

Russell Westbrook did absolutely nothing wrong here. I haven’t seen many people, but I’ve seen enough saying that he should have just let this guy scream in his grill just seconds after losing a game on a buzzer-beater.

Those people are sheep.

If someone gets in your face right after a gut-wrenching loss on the road, you have the green light to unleash the fury. I’m not saying Russell should have gone Ron Artest vs the guy who threw the beer, but he should have the right to throw at least a left hook at half speed.

“Real mature…”

You’re damn right. This fan is so lucky that his face wasn’t caved in and looks like Sloth from The Goonies.

This is a good lesson in being a privileged fan who gets to sit courtside at an NBA game. Sure, it’s the Nuggets. It’s still courtside though.

I would take a crowbar to my nuts from a local mechanic in Fall River for a chance to sit courtside at a Celtics game. That is a PRIVILEGE and an incredible one at that.

If I sat courtside, I would, of course, be into the game. I would chirp a little at some opponents and yell words of encouragement to Kyrie all night long. I would never get in the face of a dude who could destroy my existence just seconds after a loss…

If you do decide to take that road, you should be ready for whatever comes your way.



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